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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

Use Cases: Industrial IoT


Climeworks reverses Climate Change with DAC+S Technology

Climeworks developed a technology that filters CO2 from the air.
Groupe Renault

Digital Transformation at Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault's plan is to implement the use of OPC UA-enabled devices and equipment at all production sites worldwide.
Istanbul Airport

Digitalization of the Istanbul Airport with LoRaWAN

Lecture: Digitalization of the Istanbul Airport and the LoRa Network Integration

Strategies for Data-Driven Digital Transformation in the Plant

OPC UA “the Most Powerful Game Changer” for Digital Transformation

Automobile Production of the Future

AUDI Neckarsulm Site Realizes Automobile Production of the Future.

The Tracking Chambers by Turck Vilant Systems

Containers with liquids and metal objects can be recorded reliably and quickly in UHF-RFID bulk read operations
Elsewedy Electric

Elsewedy Electric Integrates RFID in 26 Factories

OGTech and Feig Electronic support Elsewedy Electric using RFID as a reliable data capture technique for the automation of the supply chain.

Variance Is The Challenge

With RFID, Merck is aiming for 100 percent control of special containers for Performance Materials.
BPW Group

Heavy Metal Leads to Transparent Goods Movement

A supplier for the commercial vehicles industry aims for transforming the logistics sector
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