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RFID Market

A 2020 Growth Spurt in the RFID Market

Paul Muller, RFID Business Unit leader at EM Microelectronic in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global
SICK Sensors

Sensors for the Fusion of Logistics and Production Processes

Accurate data generation – regardless of the source. A hybrid platform prevents disruptions in the chain of information.
Port of the future

PortForward – Digital and Sustainable Ports of the Future

Employing ICT solutions, adopting green technologies and combining different modes of transport – measures of digitalization for more efficiency, cost reduction, and a sustainable port of the future.
5G Factory Network

The Revolution in Automotive Production Starts in Aachen

Within three years: an electric car ready for series production, the development of an e-bus for autonomous driving, and a 5G factory network put into operation. What happens next at e.GO Mobile?
Agricultural machinery

Farmer 4.0: RFID prevents mistakes and incorrect spread rates

Agricultural machinery manufacturer Rauch relies on an RFID-based spreading disc detection system from Balluff.
RFID Solutions

Zebra Technologies: Now and in the Future

Turn the Key: Sustainable high-performance RFID solutions support the implementation of OEM requirements and generate benefits for all partners in the supply chain.

BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy

A key technology for innovative and user-friendly IoT solutions! What makes BLE Technology so appealing as a global application?

5G Poised for a Major Leap Toward Industrial Production

Wireless networking of an entire production site, communication of all control data in real time with the maximum available quality across all levels – How long before 5G is ready for industrial applications? RFID & Wireless IoT Global put this question to Herbert Wegmann, General Manager for Industrial Communication and Identification at Siemens.
Global relations

Caught in the Crossfire

Could the chaos of US-China relations result in a more cohesive European Union? Interview with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Heilmann, Professor for Government and the Political Economy of China, Universität Trier
Innovations with UHF RFID

Feig Electronic with Powerful Partnership in the Middle East

The market potential in the Middle East is tremendous – and OGTech has impressively demonstrated in numerous technologically and applicationally challenging projects that they are able to implement solutions efficiently based on Feig Electronic Hardware.
Electric-Hydrogen Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Smart City with electric hydrogen hybrid drives and sensors

Faun intends to contribute to the implementation of smart city solutions in the sectors of waste disposal and city cleaning.
Container management

Variance Is The Challenge

With RFID, Merck is aiming for 100 percent control of special containers for Performance Materials.

AXEM Lab - Our RFID Laboratory

Axem Technology activity has increasingly evolved towards the design of RFID products through its RFID laboratory: the Axem Lab. Our engineers design, manufacture and measure unique products for specific projects in order to be as close as possible to customers' expectations.

OPC UA: The United Nations of Automation

The OPC Foundation is committed to creating a universal, global information exchange standard for automation. All companies worldwide are invited to engage in secure and transparent M2M communication.
RFID in 173 Stores

Stadium rolls out RFID in 173 stores

Swedish sporting goods retailer satisfied with inventory accuracy – until RFID pilot showed actual numbers.
Remote Management

Remote Management of RFID Devices on a Network

Installing updates and configurations for RFID readers company-wide with the touch of a button.
Real time locating systems

An RTLS Ready For All Challenges

Vehicles, forklifts, load carriers – if you have a precise view of mobile objects in real time, you increase business process transparency and save costs and time. K-RTLS from Kathrein Solutions presents itself with innovative features.
Real time locating systems

The ANSWER to the Thrilling Question of the WHERE

RTLS is a key technology for digitalization. What is especially exciting is the possibility of developing Simatic RTLS into a platform for a variety of different applications, thus enabling the particularly cost-effective realization of new applications.
RFID Cards

RFID Cards Remain On Trend

Simply register at the machine and save money and time: With the RFID employee ID card.
Instrument tracking

Safety and efficiency with Track & Trace right in the OR

At the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, an RFID-based instrument tracking system was able to demonstrate its function and benefits live during an operation.
RFID-based Automation

Mazda MLE Expands Warehouse Automation in Five Areas

RFID registration solution in the European warehouse of Mazda MLE has been successful since 2016. 2019 stands out with new extensions.
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Anja Van Bocxlaer

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