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UHF Vehicle Detection

The potential of UHF technology for AVI applications

At the Race Track Days of Tönnjes, Kathrein Solutions, and NXP Semiconductors, the potential of UHF technology for AVI applications in the racing environment was presented.
Brand Protection

Old Kempton Whiskey Distillery relies on NFC Technology

Old Kempton whiskey distillery knocks out counterfeiters with HID Global’s IoT platform for brand protection.
Wearables in logistics and production

The technological revolution is within reach

World premiere: Feig Electronic launches a wearable on the market that minimizes time losses in production and logistics, increases productivity and creates consistent transparency.
Tracking System Without PLC

Absolutely safe production of child car seats with tag team

Kirschenhofer Maschinen developed a production control and quality assurance system for Britax Römer using Turck's RFID tags and TBEN-S-Ethernet multiprotocol modules in conjunction with Labview – entirely without the need for a PLC.
IoT solution

RFID and GPS based asset tracking solution for Luerssen

Mojix provides RTLS Complete Solution to Shipbuilding Company from Bremen in Germany.

Providing the global automotive industry with best in class RFID

Avery Dennison's advanced UHF RFID inlays ensure complete visibility and control of the production and logistics processes of automotive supply chain companies.
Digitised Vehicle Distribution

Holistic IoT System at Seat’s Car Distribution

With a horizontal integration of vertical process optimisation, Seat pushes forward the digitisation of its outbound logistics.
Biodegradable BLE sensor

ETH Develops Biodegradable BLE Sensor

Scientists from ETH Zurich develop biodegradable BLE sensor – and have to abandon their project shortly after.
RFID in hospitals

Step by Step Towards the Clinic 4.0

The Al-Ahli Hospital in Doha, Qatar digitises step-by-step work processes – from time registration and attendance documentation to access control and asset tracking.
Building automation

Skyscraper Sensation in Manhattan

Safety first: NFC and cloud authentication opens up a more efficient and secure future on an area of over 300,000 square metres.
New Retail

Unmanned Stores will Conquer Europe

Unmanned stores – shopping solutions that offer complete independence and flexibility for the customer – blur the lines between online and offline consumption.
New RFID desktop printer

Small RFID Printer, many Possibilities

Printronix Auto ID launches desktop printers with features on an enterprise level.
Item-Level RFID Tagging

Achieving powerful results with minimal effort

The message of SML Group's CTO Dean Frew is: RFID implementation in shops needs to be kept as simple as possible because a solution like this will benefit the retailer immensely.
Baggage Tracking

UHF RFID on baggage takes off for a high-altitude flight

IATA resolution 753 paves the way for large-scale baggage tracking via UHF RFID – Initial solutions have the potential to change passenger air traffic in the long term.
Digitised trailer components

Heavy Metal Leads to Transparent Goods Movement

A supplier for the commercial vehicles industry aims for transforming the logistics sector
Airport tracking

Baggage Trolley Location via RFID

Finnish Airport Operator Finavia increases customer satisfaction with optimised availability of baggage trolleys thanks to RFID
Fashion Logistics & EAS

LPP Initiated Widespread RFID Implementation in 500 Fashion Stores

The Polish fashion company LPP uses RFID hard tags in order to provide physical protection against theft and optimise the supply chain – and it is only the beginning of the RFID “programme”.
Printed Electronics in Healthcare

Printed Electronics Improves Patient Safety

Finnish research institute and printed electronics pioneer VTT is developing printed IoT sensors for patient monitoring in hospitals.

Taking Digitisation to the Next Level

Smart Logistics is the Key to a Secure and Fast Supply Chain

Zebra Expands NFL Solution with RFID Tracking of Footballs

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