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RFID File-tracking System

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

OGTech collaborates with Feig Electronic to provide the Public Prosecution service in Qatar with a comprehensive UHF RFID solution.
Intelligent Van Manufacturing

Mercedes-Benz Vans counts on innovative complexity management

RFID parts identification is the first building block of an initiative consisting of 20 digitization projects and aiming to achieve completely intelligent production by 2025

A Powerful IoT Solutions Team

Customised RFID

Customised RFID Readers and Transponders

Customised RFID readers and transponders designed in Germany
RFID position measurement

Turck Supplies RFID Position Measurement for Fairground Rides

Turck encoders, RFID tags and read/write heads ensure safe movement for fairground rides.
HF, NFC, and UHF chips

Powerful ICs for the Secure IoT of Tomorrow

NXP Semiconductors, a leader in RFID tag ICs, presents the highlights of its current HF, NFC, and UHF product portfolio.
Item-Level Inventory Management

RFID Takes Retail Industry to a New Level of Transparency

SML offers solutions for item level inventory management for all retail sectors.

Digital Solutions Architecture

Dual Frequency Inlays

A Universal Inlay for all Applications

Dual frequency inlays from Lab-ID combine NFC and UHF on one chip for supply chain optimisation, improved customer interaction on the shop floor, and more.
RFID in mechanical engineering

Modern Packaging Concept for Chocolate Bars

Format change detection with RFID

Big in Japan: 100 Billion UHF RFID Tags per Year by 2025

Card and ticket production

New Building Blocks for Modular Card Production

Rinas expands its portfolio of flexible and efficient printing and encoding solutions for card and ticket personalisation.
Healthcare: RFID reader solutions

Covering All Bases

Feig Electronic offers efficient RFID solutions for various healthcare applications, from asset management to patient tracking.
Industrial Production Equipment

High-End Machines and Production Technology

Customers worldwide rely on Melzer’s customised, high-quality production equipment which is ‘Made in Germany’.
Manufacturing in healthcare RFID

Ready for Any Challenge

Herpa Tech offers high-quality contract manufacturing for healthcare, automotive, and more.
Industrial Tablets and mPOS

Robust Tablets Conquer New Application Areas

Bressner Technology expands the possibilities for tablets in 2018: mPOS-ready terminals for the food service industry and retail, as well as better performance in logistics and manufacturing.
NFC and BLE for trusted tag solutions

No NFC ? No Problem - Just Use BLE

HID Global enables a technology-independent Trusted Tag Solution with BLE and NFC features combined in one tag.

Pushing RFID Forward: From Ticketing to Military Logistics

IoT Needs Connectivity

Tracking of New Vehicles

Audi rolls out RFID deployment within plants worldwide

In addition to production, the automobile manufacturer also controls the finishing processes, vehicle preparation and shipping processes using UHF technology.
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