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Use Cases: Security Industry

Access control, time and attendance, payment or ticketing - in almost all areas of life and work, contactless solutions are used where the highest security standards must be applied. Security, as presented by the experts in this field, creates the necessary transparency in the implementation of authentication applications of all types.

University of Porto

NFC & BLE Micro-Location Mobile Ticketing Solution

The Porto metropolitan area has a new mobile ticketing solution: University of Porto researchers Marta Campos Ferreira, Teresa Galvão Dias and João Falcão e Cunha have developed a system that uses both NFC & BLE technology.

Tire Giant Michelin Drives Digitalization with RFID

French tire manufacturer Michelin plans to tag and fully connect all tires with RFID by 2023.
Mass Sports Germany

One Tap Can Save Lives

The integration of NFC RFID transponders in leather suits. Why?
Town Square Dubai

One Card for All at Residential Complex Town Square in Dubai

The 'One Card For All' project was initiated together with the property developer Nshama. It currently comprises the following areas: Physical and vehicle access control at a total of 14 entrances and exits to the complex, as well as access control to the leisure facilities, and payment at the attractions.
Aarhus University Hospital

The Most Powerful UHF RFID Infrastructure in the World

1.2 Billion Euros for Technological Innovations in Danish Hospitals

Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods at Retailer Kessaris

Luxury Goods Retailer Kessaris implements an RFID solution in all 8 stores in Greece for Inventory and Localization of up to 10,000 items.

LPP Starts Phase 2 of RFID-Rollout at Reserved

LPP extends RFID-Rollout at Reserved & Extends RFID Technology to Mohito Brand.

The potential of UHF technology for AVI applications

At the Race Track Days of Tönnjes, Kathrein Solutions, and NXP Semiconductors, the potential of UHF technology for AVI applications in the racing environment was presented.
Old Kempton Whiskey Distillery

Old Kempton Whiskey Distillery relies on NFC Technology

Old Kempton whiskey distillery knocks out counterfeiters with HID Global’s IoT platform for brand protection.
Rael Automatic Sprinkler

Skyscraper Sensation in Manhattan

Safety first: NFC and cloud authentication opens up a more efficient and secure future on an area of over 300,000 square metres.
RFID File-tracking System

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

OGTech collaborates with Feig Electronic to provide the Public Prosecution service in Qatar with a comprehensive UHF RFID solution.

Wireless Technologies for Security Purposes

In a digital age with an increasing need for digitisation and digitalisation, security is at the centre of this development. The need to continuously update security protocols and design new ways of security and encryption methods is ever-present. The transfer of data in a network or across networks involves the risk of misuse or loss of data.

All articles in this section have been selected with care to not only provide you with information about certain projects but also to give you the opportunity to find the exact fit of supplier, product, or solution for your own project.

Encryption and Protection

Encoded communication is a necessary part of cyber security to protect a business against data theft. But not only the communication in a business, across businesses or in the IoT needs to be secure. In retail or online, payments (e. g. via smartphone) cannot be open to misuse and need to be protected. Banking applications can be protected via password, PIN, or code.

Access Control

With ORM like biometrics or QR code, access and distribution can be managed and controlled or people can be indentified. In the health care sector, self-service station (for medication or laundry) for patients guarantee correct and automated supply, 24/7 availability, and documentation. In pharmaceutics, NFC tags on medication packages can detect tampering.

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