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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

Use Cases: Smart City


Estonian Start-Up Envisions a Future without Plastic Waste

Lifecycle Management and Automated Deposit Return of Reusable Packaging with RFID

LoRaWAN at the Core of a Smart City

Lisbon is paving the way to the smart city: Research by Nuno Cruz, Nuno Cota and João Tremoceiro has enabled the deployment of a city-wide LoRa-network that universally integrates all individual public service networks.
University of Porto

NFC & BLE Micro-Location Mobile Ticketing Solution

The Porto metropolitan area has a new mobile ticketing solution: University of Porto researchers Marta Campos Ferreira, Teresa Galvão Dias and João Falcão e Cunha have developed a system that uses both NFC & BLE technology.
NYC, Paris & More

Sensors for a Smart City

Wireless Sensing or Wireless Sensor Network?
Egyptian Ministry of Interior

Nationwide Vehicle Identification with UHF RFID in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior relies on comprehensive vehicle identification throughout the country: Traffic management and vehicle registration are digitally supported.
Faun Services

Smart City with electric hydrogen hybrid drives and sensors

Faun intends to contribute to the implementation of smart city solutions in the sectors of waste disposal and city cleaning.

The potential of UHF technology for AVI applications

At the Race Track Days of Tönnjes, Kathrein Solutions, and NXP Semiconductors, the potential of UHF technology for AVI applications in the racing environment was presented.
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