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Connecting Merchandise from Source to POS & Beyond with r-pac

r-pac Joins as a Partner of the Business Platform “RFID & Wireless IoT Search”!

Founded in 1987, r-pac is a privately owned global leader in trim and packaging solutions for retail. The 400+ million dollar company is located across the globe in all areas where merchandise and garments are being produced with a team of over 4,500 employees.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, daily business at r-pac is dedicated to giving merchandise a digital DNA, in other words, a digital ID. Merchandise information from brands and retailers are materialized into physical objects, like hang-tags, packaging, or heat transfers to name a few.

Keeping Your Brand Connected

The current goal for r-pac in light of the pandemic is to provide brands and retailers with methods in which merchandise can be connected to any supply chain, directly to a consumer. Having recently given a lecture in the first Think WIOT Day “Retail & Logistics”, Torsten Strauch, Senior Vice President at r-pac provides an insight into the current effects of the pandemic on retail:  

“After purchase, retailers usually lose contact with their customers. This is especially so for e-commerce which has been even more on the rise since physical stores have been closed as a result of the pandemic. How can you keep your brand and merchandise connected even after the POS? As a response to this question, we here at r-pac, have launched multiple programs, like the r-trac online ordering data management solution to support retailers and brands that are facing these problems during the pandemic.” 

The recorded lecture can be re-watched here in full length.  

Dual Frequency for Connected Merchandise 

R-pac's TWINTAG is designed to provide retailers with supply chain visibility, consumer engagement and brand protection with one dual frequency chip. On the one hand, RAIN RFID opens up possibilities to generate merchandise visibility in supply chain and retail operations. Omnichannel operations can be realized when merchandise is fully traceable along the entire supply chain, from source to point of sales.

On the other hand, Near-Field Communication (NFC) functionalities of the chip allow for contactless payment via smartphones, credit cards or other payment devices that are NFC-enabled. NFC technology also allows retailers and brands to stay in touch with the customer beyond the point of sales. With an NFC-enabled smartphone, consumers now have a point of contact directly to brands and retailers. As Torsten Strauch comments,  

“From a retail perspective, we now have a technology that can be embedded into the merchandise in order to track and trace it from the source to the point of sale and beyond. This allows retailers and brands to stay in contact with the consumer, through this digital ID. This is the first time that we are able to manage the full product life cycle of a garment.” 

The TWINTAG also has advanced security and privacy features to address the challenges of the connected world . According to Torsten Strauch, billions of merchandise are already connected along the supply chain today – a majority of them via sensor technology.  

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Torsten Strauch
Torsten Strauch
Senior Vice President
Windhof, Luxembourg
Kai Hauck
Kai Hauck
Regional Sales Director
Windhof, Luxembourg
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