RFID-Controlled RTI Tracking and Pooling Systems

Lecture from Daniel van der Vorst, RECALO
Lecture from Daniel van der Vorst, RECALO

How to Track Returnable Transport Items Effectively


Container Management with RFID

Speaker: Daniel van der Vorst, CIO, RECALO

Title: RFID-Controlled RTI Tracking and Pooling Systems


    • Integration of RFID Tags and Handhelds into RTI Supply Chains
    • Enabling Transparent and Traceable Supply Chains for RTIs
    • Automated RTI Replenishment
    • Optimizing Transport Routes and Planning
    • Experience Report: Challenges for RFID Deployment

Recalo, a service provider for RTI pool systems, has 80,000 containers in circulation. Daniel van der Vorst explains how logistics companies can achieve more transparency and traceability in their supply chain by integrating RFID tags and handhelds.

Automated replenishment control for RTI optimizes transport routes and planning and ensures a more efficient supply chain. The lecture highlights the RFID rollout experience and address the challenges that need to be overcome.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 02-2023: Logistics + Supply Chain + Construction + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 22nd February 2023

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