Research in Wireless IoT

Research projects, groundbreaking results & innovative, cutting-edge products

From research to market maturity: To create product innovations it requires an inventive spirit and a pioneering mentality. In this section, researchers and product developers present the latest results from application-oriented projects as well as products that have emerged from intensive preliminary studies.

Biodegradable BLE sensor

Scientists from ETH Zurich develop biodegradable BLE sensor – and have to abandon their project shortly after.
Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer

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Research & development in the field of RFID & Wireless IoT

5G, blockchain, miniaturisation, energy harvesting – the list of buzzwords is as long as the possibilities that arise from the use of innovative, novel technologies. Wireless IoT has enormous potential to create sustainable value across all industries and economic sectors.

All articles in this section are carefully selected to give you not only information about specific projects, but also to enable you to find the best possible combination of suppliers, products or solutions for your own project.

Developing technology generations further

It doesn't always have to be disruptive. The mobile radio standard 5G is regarded as the successor of 4G (LTE), for example. At the same time, 5G is much more. The potential performance of this mobile radio technology will possibly be the inevitable basis for widespread industrial 4.0 rollouts and autonomous driving. Researchers from universities and institutes can already report today on what potentials can be raised, but also which hurdles still have to be overcome.

Sustainable and competitive

Research on the feasibility of 5G-based solutions is an example that can be applied to other development fields such as blockchain technologies and applications or to the broad field of energy harvesting solutions. Application-oriented research directly creates added value for different industry stakeholders. Competitiveness is ensured through the use of innovative technologies. The sustainability of applications is also increased, for example through the efficient use of energy.

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