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Use Cases with e.GO Mobile (Patrick Rülke, Team Lead Production-IT), PERI (Kathrein Solutions) and Velux (Markus Leich, Project Manager at Velux and Frank Pyritz, Managing Director Sigma Chemnitz, in an interview)

as well as content from Matthias Siegel (Koco Solutions), Christian Blobner (Christian Blobner, Head of International Research Networks at Fraunhofer IFF), Josef Preishuber-Pflügl (ice-Chairman ERM TG34 RFID, ETSI), Dr. Dominik Samson (Director Business Development, Elatec), Antonio Nabeiro (Director Business Development Access, Elatec), Oliver Huther (Manager Business Development RFID, Sick) and the editors of RFID & Wireless IoT Global.

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Dear Readers,

The editorial in December 2018 had the concept "Rethinking". It was about going off the beaten track, positioning oneself for digital processes, as well as reviewing and realigning processes and procedures in one's own company.

Today, one year later, I would like to headline this year's December Editorial with the concept "Implementing". In more concrete terms, implementation means that it is no longer about planning or reflecting, but about active change.

This active change will start with us next year: from the first issue in 2020, we will be offering the magazines RFID im Blick and RFID & Wireless IoT Global exclusively as digital magazines. These digital versions will offer you, dear readers, numerous advantages. The targeted search for keywords, company names, contacts, or topics is possible with just one click. Additional links to further landing pages with supplementary information are also planned. The integration of videos is also possible. At the same time, the magazine's CO₂ footprint will drastically improve. Thus, we herald the digital future for our publishing house.

This is a big step, of course, which we have naturally prepared for intensively and for a long time. This process has, however, been very slow. After all, the pressing and far-reaching problems of increasing environmental pollution caused by CO₂ emissions are issues that concern us all. We must start to make a difference. The decision is therefore a logical and correct one.

No information is lost as a result of the discontinuation of printed magazines. No potentials are missed or no longer used. On the contrary, the intensity of contact and the flow of information actually increases. The only thing we have to do is detach ourselves from magazine haptics.

I wish you great pleasure and an insightful reading in this last issue, which you hold in your hands in printed form.

Anja Van Bocxlaer
Chief Editor RFID & Wireless IoT Global

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