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Issue 03/2020 of RFID & Wireless IoT Global released

Digitalization, Connectivity, and Centralization in the Healthcare Sector!

Today, the third issue of RFID & Wireless IoT Global is being published with a focus on "Clinic Management, Laboratory Technology and Logistics in the Medical Industry".

The current reference to Covid-19 in particular makes it clear why the modernization of medical processes is of vital importance.

What's Wrong with the Hospital System?

Why does the hospital in particular offer ideal conditions for the integration of RFID-based solutions? From the perspective of Eric Suligoj and Richard Aufreiter from HID Global, possible mismanagement and error rates in the hospital environment are revealed.

University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein

The cover story is provided by Germany's northernmost medical university in Kiel. With the hybrid operating theater and the 'Augmented Reality' based navigation technology as well as 3D images for minimally invasive spine and pelvic surgery, Kiel celebrated its world premiere in 2018.

Joß Giese, specialist in anesthesiology, is the responsible OR Manager at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein. As project manager in the reprocessing unit for medical devices (AEMP), he is also involved in the redesign of work processes in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). In an interview, Joß Giese explains what makes Kiel one of the most modern hospitals in Europe.

Aarhus University Hospital

The Danish Aarhus University Hospital is located almost 300 kilometers to the north. Lars Ganzhorn Knudsen, the chief consultant for development and innovation there, is enthusiastic about the trend-setting decisions of the Copenhagen government. Denmark, with almost 6 million inhabitants, can serve as a blueprint for other countries in terms of the three guidelines of digitalization, centralization and specialization.

Hospital in Utrecht

In Utrecht, the Netherlands, 15 rooms in a children's ward were used for a 2-month test phase with an intelligent lighting infrastructure and mesh technology to optimize asset tracking and the collection of sensor data. A project that was stalled by the Corona-19 pandemic, but has produced many efficient results.

Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates

The next example is positioned centrally. The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health has introduced RFID technology to digitize asset management in over 145 health care facilities.

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

The way back to Germany leads to the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden.In a 6-kilometer-long ring-shaped pneumatic tube system, more than 500 canisters are dispatched daily between wards, operating theaters and laboratories. Benjamin Reppe, the responsible project manager of the 'pneumatic tube system' explains why the structural situation in Dresden is not easy for comprehensive modernization.

What unites all articles are the topics 'digitalization' and 'networking'.

Technology articles from Herpa Print, Neosid and HID Global

Above all, the technology articles from Herpa Print, Neosid and HID Global address the advantages of optimizing processes in the medical sector through digitalization and networking. The current reference to Covid-19 in particular makes it clear why the innovative modernization of medical processes is of vital importance. However, this modernization would be unthinkable without technologies in the fields of identification, tracking, localization, robotics or sensor technology.


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In the third digital edition of RFID & Wireless IoT Global we report on cost reduction, data transparency, digitization and process automation in the healthcare sector. Additional content, statistics, trends and qualified links to contacts extend the digital edition. Result: a thematically focused knowledge pool for all users, IT and hardware developers and integrators.

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