Smart City, Security, and Consumer IoT

04/2020 - Publication date: August 14th 2020

The Smart City follows three objectives: Energy efficiency, security and the best possible inclusion of its inhabitants. In numerous applications, wireless IoT technologies illustrate ways in which processes can be connected, streamlined and made transparent.

Recycling containers automatically report their filling level, parking spaces communicate whether they are free or occupied, and sensors control street lighting according to actual demand. Wireless IoT technologies are already the backbone of a Smart City today. If transparent data is available, process efficiency is increased, energy consumption is reduced, and the safety of residents is optimized.

The digital transformation of inner-city processes and services creates numerous interfaces for engaging residents. Active participation unfolds a multifaceted potential to make life in cities safer, healthier, and more convenient.

In this issue

Cover Story

RFID Security Features by NXP

RFID Security Features by NXP

Tag Authentication, Privacy Protection, Taper Detection, Memory Access Protection, Encrypted Communication, and a Secure Unique NFC Message ensure protection for the frequencies NFC, HF, and RAIN RFID.

Vehicle Identification

Passive UHF RFID Stickers in Road Traffic

Nationwide Vehicle Identification in Egypt

Within 5 years, around 10 million vehicles are to be tracked in Egypt in order to optimize traffic flow and increase safety.

Smart City Platform

Digitally Networked Cities

Digitally Networked Cities

A wide range of different Smart City applications are used in these 11 cities: Barcelona, Chicago, Columbus, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Oslo, Singapore, Santander, and Vienna.

Wireless Sensors

Sensors for a Smart City

Sensors for a Smart City

The omnipresence of sensor technology leads to profound economic and social transformations. How sensor technology works: Non-electrical parameters are converted into electrical signals. Thus, changes in the environment are precisely measured and monitored. The use of sensor technology is particularly useful in smart city applications.

Acesss Control

One Card for All

Dubai: One Card for All

In Dubai's Town Square, a luxury residential area, all services are combined. Residents and visitors now only need one card for all access or payment-related services.


Game Changer for Digital Transformations

LoRaWAN: Game Changer for Digital Transformations

Sensor and tracking solutions with long-range, low energy consumption, based on open standards and with numerous advantages for various economic sectors – all realized with LoRa networks.


Electric-Hydrogen Hybrid Drives for Waste Collection Vehicles

Electric-Hydrogen Hybrid Drives for Waste Collection Vehicles

Faun caused a stir in the industry in 2018 with the world premiere of newly developed 'Bluepower' electric hydrogen fuel cell powered waste collection vehicles. Since 2020, the first vehicles in regular operation have quietly been doing their job in German cities. Through the targeted use of sensor technology, Faun also intends to contribute to the implementation of smart city solutions in the areas of waste management and city cleaning.


Will 5G Replace the Previous Generation of Mobile Phones?

Will 5G Replace the Previous Generation of Mobile Phones?

In June 2019, the Federal Network Agency's auction for 5G frequencies in the 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz ranges came to an end. By the end of November 2019, the Federal Network Agency provided clarity on the application procedure for local 5G radio applications. Are the best prerequisites now in place to catapult the digitalization of industry and logistics to the next level at a tremendous rate with the data turbo?

Access Control

Bluetooth, Indoor RTLS, Fingerprint

Bluetooth, Indoor RTLS, Fingerprint by B-ID

Smart Cards with fingerprint sensors, Bluetooth cards for indoor RTLS – with innovative features, B-Id wants to distinguish itself on the card market from the "classic" smart card environment.

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