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The title of the 4th issue in 2020 is "Security, Digitalization and Networking". The focus is on the question: "What does wireless IoT provide for the smart city 2020?”

Issue 04/2020 of RFID & Wireless IoT Global released

Hydrogen fuel cells, traffic control, 5G, and sensor technology are changing the cities of the future!

The title of the 4th issue in 2020 is "Security, Digitalization and Networking". The focus is on the question: "What does wireless IoT provide for the smart city 2020?”

The variety of solutions for metropolitan areas is immense. The objectives include quality of life, security, work, infrastructure, supply, disposal, payment processes, and authentication. That said, how does the realization of these objectives look like in practice?

Recycling containers automatically report the fill level, parking spaces communicate their availability, traffic lights switch according to demand, room temperature is set individually via apps, sensors measure particulate matter, and street lighting functions as required via NFC.

Cover Story by NXP Semiconductors: UCODE, NTAG, and ICODE

"Powerful security features are the DNA of HF, NFC, and RAIN RFID IC's" is the focus of the cover story about the UCODE, NTAG, and ICODE. New: With the MIFARE DESFire EV3, NXP has launched a chip for fast and secure transactions in smart cities.

Christian Schnebinger from Kathrein Solutions describes the rollout of the world's largest UHF RFID traffic system in Egypt. The goal is to manage the traffic flow in conurbations in a controlled manner.

Yiwen Jin, Managing Director of B-id explains how images and text in different languages are possible on a smart card with a dot matrix display in ISO format.

World Premiere of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Faun celebrated the world premiere of waste collection vehicles with 'Bluepower' electric hydrogen fuel cells in Germany 2 years ago. The first vehicles have been in regular operation since 2020. What does the hydrogen fuel cell do? How does it transform waste disposal in cities?

Technology Topics: 5G, Mioty, LoRaWAN, and Sensor Technology

The expectations for 5G are high. High data rates and low latency times should enable concepts for process optimization in the smart city, industry, and logistics. What is the status quo of 5G?

Sensor systems in Bochum, Dublin, San Diego, Amsterdam, New York, and Paris show how these little all-rounders are transforming everyday life in smart cities.

The technology standard Mioty achieves ranges of up to 15 kilometers and is capable of operating for up to 20 years. Is this the new, robust LPWAN standard for the smart city?

Corona, Security, and Smart City

It is clear that the corona pandemic has increased the urgency to act on digitization. The implementation of smart city concepts is also influenced by this. Wireless IoT technologies have already become the backbone of a smart city. If transparent data is available, process efficiency is increased, and energy consumption is reduced.

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