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More than 42 million OPC UA applications worldwide

+50 Companion Specifications developed!

In an 8-page story of RFID & Wireless IoT Global, issue 02/2020, President and CEO of the OPC Foundation, Stefan Hoppe, talks about the top 10 advantages of OPC technology for all industries.

His message: "OPC UA is much more than ‘just’ another protocol!” According to Hoppe, more and more companies worldwide are recognizing that OPC technology offers benefits and security for the industry and reduces costs for users.

Over 750 members in the OPC Foundation

The number of members in the OPC Foundation is growing continuously and globally. Currently, the list includes over 750 companies.

Stefan Hoppe gives an overview: "From the Foundation's point of view, it is a very positive development that not only device manufacturers, but also increasingly more end users are turning to us: Companies such as Volkswagen, Foxconn, Samsung, Miele, British American Tobacco from the factory automation side, but also Equinor, Exor, Exxon Mobil, Bayer from the process automation side have a high demand to use the functionalities of OPC-UA in their automation environments. The OPC end users are driving the development of topics, sometimes at a high speed."

Over 45,000 OPC UA-enabled products available

The OPC Foundation brings together almost all automation manufacturers, but also chip manufacturers such as Intel, NXP or IT companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, in order to promote joint standardization.

"Connecting a machine or device to their systems within ten minutes using standardized data and interfaces and integrated security proven by international experts are unique selling points." Today, according to Stefan Hoppe, there are already over 4,200 vendors who have developed more than 45,000 different OPC UA-enabled products that are used in more than 42 million applications.

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In the 8-page story of RFID & Wireless IoT Global, issue 02/2020 Stefan Hoppe talks about the top 10 benefits of OPC technology for factory and process automation, energy industry, oil and gas industry, pharmacy or even industrial catering equipment. You will gain insight into the scope of services, security aspects, usability and learn why the OPC Foundation is the right place to develop M2M communication together with other industry participants.

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Stefan Hoppe
Stefan Hoppe
President & Executive Director
Scottsdale, USA
Alexander Allmendinger
Alexander Allmendinger
Test Lab Manager
Salach, Germany
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