Laundries and Textile Logistics

Special Edition Laundry 4.0 - Publication date: Sept 1st 2020

More than 10,000 individual items can be cleaned, dried, sorted, ironed, folded, and redelivered within 60 minutes of delivery to an industrial laundry facility.

This volume is necessary because the laundry requirements of medical facilities or hotel businesses have significantly increased. Digitalization connects laundry technology and laundry items. Automation is transforming the laundry industry.

The entire management of the washing process and the logistics of textiles for hospitals or nursing homes, hotel laundry, workwear, cleaning textiles or dirt-trapping mats can be digitized and optimized cost-efficiently with RFID technology.

The special edition 'Laundries and Textile Logistics' explains which solution and which technology best suits the specific requirements.

In this issue

Textile Logistics with RFID

UHF RFID from Kathrein Solutions

Textile Logistics with UHF RFID from Kathrein Solutions

100% transparent processes for clear cost structures, hygienic laundry provision and maximum employee satisfaction.

Reusable textile cycle

Inventories and Investment Volumes Reduced

70,000 Reusable Laundry Items with UHF RFID at Wäscherei Stich

The Bremen laundry company Stich plans to double its tagged laundry cycle from 70,000 to 150,000 by the end of 2020.


Manual Errors Eliminated

Wäscherei Sicking: Optimizing Economic Efficiency and Machine Utilization

The laundry company Sicking shows how RFID technology can monitor processes more transparently. The scanning of barcodes and the effort required for counting are eliminated. Sorting errors are minimized. Overall, machine utilization and economic efficiency are optimized.

Laundry Dispensing with RFID

What Advantages do RFID Cabinets have to Offer?

EuroID Identifikationssysteme: What Advantages do RFID Cabinets have to Offer?

Jos Fransen, Managing Director of EuroID Identifikationssysteme explains why hygienic RFID cabinet solutions are booming, especially in the context of Covid-19. He presents solutions and explains which technology is most suitable for the respective situation.

Transmissable Infections

Health Research on Farm Animals

Friedrich-Löffler-Institut: Health Research on Farm Animals

The Friedrich-Löffler-Institut, conducts research on the health of farm animals and has a worldwide reputation in the investigation of animal diseases. The Institute's work focuses on infections that are transmissible between animals and humans.

Next Level Laundry

Clear and Automated Allocation of Laundry Items

Tagitron: Clear and Automated Allocation of Laundry Items

More comfort, less laundry loss, reliable deliveries, and overall streamlined and fast processes. The secret: Clear and automated allocation of laundry items.

Hotel Linen

RFID Shows its Worth From the First Room Cleaning

RFID Shows its Worth From the First Room Cleaning

Be it the Park Plaza in Nuremberg, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Warsaw or hotels of the PPHE Group across Europe – chain hotels of globally present hotel groups increasingly rely on RFID to optimize the management of textiles. Cloud-based analysis platforms show that RFID textile tracking is not just about reducing costs.

Individualized Residential Laundry

A Transparent Laundry Cycle in Seven Dormitories

Miele:Individualized Residential Laundry

The in-house laundry company in Hammelburg processes a total of around 70,000 individualized tagged laundry items. Around 750 kilograms of laundry accumulate every day.

NFC in Leather Suits

One Tap Can Save Lives

MASS Sports: One Tap Can Save Lives

Developed by racers for bikers worldwide: An NFC tag integrated into the motorcycle leather suit provides important information to assist first responders at the scene of an accident.

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