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System integrators who understand digitalized laundry management will present technologies and solutions. Laundry companies and textile users will provide insights into challenges and technological integrations. (Image: RFID & Wireless IoT Global))

RFID & Wireless IoT Global's Special Edition 'Laundry 4.0' has been Published

Automated Transfer and Sorting Systems Ensure Hygienic Processes!

Today, the special edition Laundry 4.0 – Laundries and Textile Logistics – has been published.

The logistics processes of textiles and workwear in hospitals, nursing facilities, industrial production plants, research laboratories, hotels, and laundry or cleaning companies are digitally optimized with RFID technology to save costs.

The cover story "UHF RFID from Kathrein Solutions: The Benchmark in Laundry Management" of the special edition Laundry 4.0 – Laundries and Textile Logistics – explains why RFID hardware and software, along with cabinet and room solutions create efficiency.

System Integrators Who Understand Digitalized Laundry Management Present Technologies and Solutions

Laundry Companies and Textile Users Provide Insights into Challenges and Technological Integration

  • Wäscherei Max Stich
    150,000 laundry pool items with UHF RFID by the end of 2020.
  • Wäscherei Sicking
    Inefficient processes tackled with RFID and IT
  • University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden
    Combined cabinet and room solutions for optimal laundry management
  • Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute
    Automated dispensing systems supply over 475 employees with HF-RFID-tagged work and protective clothing

Can HF and UHF RFID Technology Automate the Control of the Laundry Cycle?

Numerous RFID-based solutions exist to provide employees with workwear around the clock without waiting. Depending on requirements, cabinet, room or dispenser solutions are used. The comfort for the user is the main focus.

It is an absolute no-go if an employee has to wait 15 minutes or longer for his or her garments at the start of a shift. At the same time, the use of RFID creates transparency and ensures optimized management, shrinkage reduction, inventory minimization and increased availability.

Who Requires Automated Laundry Management?

Almost all sectors of the economy use the services of industrial laundries: Hotels, hospitals, research institutes, rescue stations, food industry companies or car repair shops.

Textile cleaning requirements also include dirt-trapping mats, which are used by authorities, supermarkets, and office buildings, and last but not least, mop and wiping covers for the cleaning of buildings. Innumerable textiles are in circulation every day. Transparency in the cycles is crucial for the efficiency of processes.

The Pace Picks Up at the End!

Beyond the 'classic' use of RFID in laundry management, in cooperation with Avery Dennison, the leather suit manufacturer Mass Sports Germany shows how robust RFID laundry tags can significantly increase the safety of motorcyclists. An excursion on the race track!

E-Paper and digital edition for download here!

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