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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

RTLS: Positioning and Navigation with Radio Technologies

The localization of load carriers, vehicles, machines, tools or people is essential for the digital mapping of production and logistics. Different radio technologies offer positioning and navigation inside and outside of rooms. These include ultra-wideband (UWB), radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless local area network (WLAN) and low-power wide area networks (LPWAN). Applications can be found in process automation, discrete manufacturing, augmented reality, maintenance and repair, and logistics processes.

Radio technology enables precise positioning and navigation. Position, location and place of objects or persons can be detected. Localization accuracy of RTLS with UWB technology is 0.1 - 0.5 m. Advantages of RTLS are: Search times are reduced, warehouse efficiency is increased, goods receipt is optimized, real-time localization, digitalization and documentation of processes, and workplace safety.

The abbreviation UWB is called ultra-wideband or ultra-wideband radio standard. This radio standard uses the frequency range 3.1 - 10.6 GHz, is limited to a few milliwatts of transmitting power and can achieve a range of up to 200 meters under optimal conditions. UWB technology signals are very short and travel at the speed of light. The radio standard is also known as overlay radio transmission technology because it can be used in parallel with existing radio technologies such as WLAN, BLE or mobile radio.

Despite high transmission speed, power consumption is low and position reliability is high, suitable for positioning and navigation in all industries. UWB technology has low susceptibility to interference.

Borda Technology

Hospital Transformation Journey: From Conventional to Digital. From Digital to Intelligent.
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Kathrein Solutions

Starting in 2020, a German car manufacturer has opted for the UWB-based localization solution from Kathrein Solutions. The result: Vehicles and parts supply trolleys localized with an accuracy of only a few centimeters. The RTLS solution ensures the localization on three building levels.

The new real-time location system K-RTLS combines high localization accuracy in an industrial environment with unique technical features.
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