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SAG Presents Molding Tag with Low Temperature Resistibility

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SAG Presents the Molding Tag with Low Temperature Resistibility

SAG Presents New Molding Tag

SAG is specialized in, and dedicated to developing NFC tags to accommodate applications with challenges such as space limit, high/low temperatures and production processes. The NFC tags are integrated into the final products. The Molding Tag was developed to tackle these challenges and to identify everyday items contactlessly.

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Tag to Identify on NFC-enabled Devices

The Molding Tag is a hassle-free tag solution. The small form factors of both the antenna and chip allows for effortless integration of NFC functions in electronic devices. Equipped with STMicroelectronics' NFC Type 5-compliant ST25TV02K chip (following ISO/IEC 15693 protocol), this tag enables a contactless communication between a device and NFC-enabled mobile phones via its RF interface.

Ultra-small but Robust to Guarantee Reliable Performance

The Molding Tag comes with a small and thin structure, making it ideal for application in narrow spaces or on small items. Furthermore, the enhanced protection to the chip and antenna effectively guarantees its resistibility under harsh environments at -60 °C for 4700hrs, +200 °C for 240hrs and an at an extreme +250°C for 24hrs with proven performance.

Customized Dimension for Versatile Application

SAG has the capability to profile this tag into the shape and size according to customer requirements. The tag can also be applied to non-metal items by using adhesives, epoxy pottings or via integration into the product via plastic injection. With size flexibility and versatile tagging methods, the Molding Tag expands NFC applications in every aspect.


  • Ultra-small size in 6.7(L) x 6.7(W) x 0.75(T)mm
  • Robust to resist extreme temperatures: -60°C for 4700hrs, +200°C for 240hrs, +250°C for 24hrs 
  • Packaged with chip and antenna in a simple form factor
  • ISO/IEC 15693, NFC Forum Type 5 compliant


  • Product authentication and counterfeiting for consumer electronics
  • Equipment setup and configuration
  • Process management
  • Identification of medical devices and surgical instruments

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