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SAG Presents NFC Use Cases for Branding and Sensor Pairing

Facilitate Smart Branding with NFC Labels and Pair NFC and Bluetooth Technologies with NFC Cards from SAG!

A typical Smart Label comprises of an antenna and a chip between a top surface layer and a bottom adhesive. Due to its simple structure, an NFC label has a great flexibility in terms of size and is very cost-efficient compared to hard tag products. Furthermore, customized logo printing can be applied to the top layer to create NFC labels with an individual style. SAG NFC Labels provide a quick and easy product solution to enable an item with NFC functions.

NFC has a wide variety of uses in retail, logistics and product authentication as well as the industrial and healthcare sectors and can be applied for effective event management, monitoring, customer engagement, asset tracking or inventory management purposes.

NFC Label Facilitates Smart Branding

NFC Labels enable smart, tamper-proof branding, as well as other value-added features, such as protecting both your brand image and customer safety. Discover how you can benefit from NFC technology with the SAG Demo App available for download.

Ensure Product Authenticity with Tamper-Detection Labels

The tamper protection included in SAG NFC labels provides numerous advantages for brand protection, asset management, and product authenticity. Using an NFC enabled smartphone, customers read the NFC tag and are presented with detailed brand and product information such as the product origin and production process. This confirms the authenticity of the product and, especially for high-value items from prestigious brands, adds value to the customer experience. If the tag has been broken, this too is detected via NFC and enables retailers to provide discounts on said products.

Pairing Devices with NFC Cards

NFC cards can act as a medium to assist in pairing a smartphone with another device that is out of reach or difficult to access. For example, such a device could be a temperature or humidity sensor. Using an NFC-enabled smartphone to read the NFC card, Bluetooth pairing between the phone and sensor can be activated in order to allow data transfer. At the same time, the space on the card itself allows more information such as QR codes or numbering to be printed as a method for visual recognition and identification.

Built with PETF layer, NFC cards by SAG have enhanced heat-resistance of up to 100 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for high-temperature environments.

SAG also NFC-enabled paper-based cards as an eco-friendly material solution which incurs greatly reduced levels of pollution or environmental impact when disposed.

How Sensor Pairing with a SAG NFC Card Works

  1. The NFC Card surface provides an area for printing information to assist visual identification, such as for QR Codes, to access a storage facility.
  2. Items in the individual storage cabinets have been equipped with Bluetooth temperature/humidity sensors.
  3. By reading the NFC card with a smartphone, the bluetooth pairing is activated. Data is transferred between the sensor and the smartphone, without the need to manually open the door in order to check the items in the cabinet.


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