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The sTag (in Windshield Label Format) Enables a Hands-Free Parking Experience!

Many years ago, Taiwan changed its freeway toll collection from manual to the so-called ETC (Electronic Toll Collection).

How does it work? An ETC label, using RAIN RFID (UHF) technology, is applied onto the windshield or the headlight. When a car runs through a specially-designed gate which is equipped with multiple readers, the unique ID number of the attached label is captured to be further analyzed in the back-end system to count the toll.

With the help of ETC, there is no need to stop your car to pay the toll. It enables a smooth driving experience for drivers. However, this label is capable of much more than just ETC.

In Taiwan, the Taichung City Government has installed the reader system at intersections and utilizes the label to monitor traffic flow. Cars running on the road generate an enormous amount of data for further analysis to facilitate the improvement of the city traffic. ETC labels put the so-called Big Data into real practice.

Meanwhile, such a mechanism can be applied to a parking scenario as to reduce the workload and give drivers a hands-free parking experience. When a car moves in the proximity of the integration zone, the barrier will open automatically and the fee will be charged to the recorded ID number.

Simply put, drivers will be identified by the tags that are provided to the management. It not only removes the use of a token, keyfob or ticket (of course, no worry of losing it anymore) but also truly realizes a hands-free user experience. In some cases, this will also ensure security as only the registered tags (users) are allowed to enter.

To bring you all these benefits, the SAG Windshield Label (as known as sTag) was created measuring 106.5 x 28.5 mm.

Equipped with the NXP UCode 8, the Windshield Label (sTag) provides superior reading performance when attached to the windshield. Looking at the condition of the application, the accumulated heat inside a car is a challenge for the label, and the direct sunlight might pose a threat to the chip which could affect its performance as well.

To deal with these problems, we have coated the chip in a way that allows it to fight against UV rays when the label is exposed to sunlight and we have verified its performance under a high temperature environment. Due to its label format, SAG can provide printing services to bring flair to your company's identity. We can also customize the label according to your requirements.

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