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Video Inside: Tag on Mission to Conquest the Metal

In the second quarter of each year, themes of logistics and industry usually set the tone of trade shows.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic takes our chances of live demo away from showing you our latest RFID transponder in these areas. In line with our commitment to be the most trustworthy RFID transponder solution provider, we have come up with RAIN RFID On Metal Tag (powered by NXP UCode 8 technology), the next generation on-metal solution.

This RFID On Metal Tag outperforms its counterparts in reading capability from a dense metal environment. Thanks to the unique antenna design and fine tuning, this tag is built to work on the metallic surface and suited for high value assets, process control and logistic purpose.

We are eager to show you what the tag is capable of in applications you might see challenges to realize, such as reading a tag which is placed randomly from inside metal. Does it sound familiar when you are working on such a project which happens in a warehouse, production line, or container yard? You can find an answer to it and let the tag speak for itself in the following video.

RAIN RFID Overmolded Brick Metal Tag-P is the next generation on-metal solution, which outperforms its predecessor in reading capability from a dense metal environment. This tag is ideal for asset management, process control and industrial purpose.

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Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen
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Taichung, Taiwan
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