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Schreiner Group positioned for the Future with New Mission Statement

Image: Schreiner Group

Schreiner Group positioned for the Future with New Mission Statement

Schreiner Group Focuses on Smart Solutions, High Quality and Sustainability

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG is an established family-owned company that is internationally successful in the functional label business. In order to continue looking ahead to a successful future, the management has agreed on sustainable goals for the company. In its new website, it presents its mission statement.

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A New Vision for a Successful Future

Schreiner Group generates annual sales of nearly 200 million euros with high-tech labels and functional parts. Motivated employees and a clear corporate mission are important to ensure that this can continue to be the case even under constantly changing business conditions. Motivated work is done at all levels of the company to "make life a bit healthier, more mobile and safer". Each and every employee contributes to realizing the company's goals on a daily basis.

The Purpose and the Mission Statement

Unreliable supply chains and social uncertainties will remain challenges in the future. The quality of Schreiner's offering will not be affected by them. The company's mission is to be the strategic partner of its customers in all matters; to inspire them with smart solutions; to reliably deliver the highest quality; and to create a pleasant working environment for its employees. Another purpose of Schreiner Group is to assume responsibility for the environment, people and society, i.e. to operate in a sustainable and meaningful manner.

Clear Orientation for the Future

The formulation of the mission statement provides clear orientation for all employees and customers. "It states very specifically what we want to achieve for our customers,our employees and ultimately for all our stakeholders, and thus serves as an excellent orientation for all of us on how we should behave every day," explains CEO Roland Schreiner.

Learn more on Schreiner Group's website!

Johannes Becker
Johannes Becker
Senior Director Competence Center LogiData & PrinTronics
Oberschleissheim, Germany
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