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The dot patterns applied by means of the novel printing technology provide ideal protection for the chips in RFID products. (Picture: Schreiner Group)

RFID Protection by Innovative Printing Technology

The special printing technology permits structures with high layer thicknesses to be applied with pinpoint accuracy!

RFID products may be exposed to heavy mechanical stress in industrial manufacturing processes. To protect the products, Schreiner Group has developed an innovative novelty.

The Research and Development (R+D) department managed to create dots with an extremely high layer thickness using a special printing technology.

Especially the chip or chip bonding of RFID products may be exposed to heavy mechanical stress in industrial manufacturing processes and consequently be damaged. For the LogiData competence center, this was a task to be mastered: “The challenge for us was to develop protective structures to safeguard a wide range of RFID chips against these mechanical stresses.”

By means of the newly implemented special printing technology the experts in development managed to solve this problem.

“This technology makes it possible to apply structures with a high layer thickness,” says Jens Vor der Brüggen, Head of R+D, “a layer thickness that cannot be achieved by conventional printing techniques.”

The structures can be applied in the form of dot patterns or other geometrical structures. Due to this innovative protection, Schreiner Group is able to significantly expand the range of applications for RFID products and to offer customers numerous additional uses.

Frank Linti
Frank Linti
Business Development Manager RFID
Oberschleissheim, Germany
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