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Livestreams - Six Think WIOT Days Focus on Wireless IoT Solutions and Technologies
Healthcare and Security

The topics on November 15th
Healthcare + Laboratory + Security

  • RFID patient tracking solutions
  • NFC and RFID access solutions
  • RFID and BLE-tagged instruments, containers and assets
  • Reducing employee workload and increasing patient safety
  • Automating medication dispensing and transport systems
  • Temperature control of sensitive pharmaceutical products
  • Asset and patient locating with RTLS
  • NFC labels against medicine counterfeiting
Smart City, Environment and Future IoT

The topics on December 13th
Smart City + Transport + Recreation

  • RFID-based traffic and parking management
  • Building management with BLE, WiFi and sensors
  • LPWAN for lighting control and efficient waste management
  • NFC simplifies access to public transport
  • Wearables expand interaction possibilities
  • Sustainable mobility and transport
  • Autonomous driving, drones and robots
  • Building access and smart working
Retail, Consumer IoT, Supply Chain and Logistics

The topics for February 2024 –
Retail + Consumer IoT + Logistics + Supply Chain

  • Cold chain logistics with sensors and NFC
  • AI-based inventory planning in retail
  • RFID-enabled self-service stores
  • Theft & brand protection with RFID and NFC
  • Smart farming with LoRaWAN, 5G & robotics
  • UWB and RFID in Warehouse Logistics
Logistics & Supply Chain

The topics for April 2024 –
Logistics + Supply Chain

  • Improving warehouse efficiency with locating technologies
  • RTI tracking with RFID
  • Supply chain transparency with RFID and RTLS
  • Asset localization and tracking with mioty
  • Pool systems and container management
  • Self-inventory and self-service solutions with RFID
Industrial IoT & Wireless IoT Technologies

The topics for June 2024 –
Industrial IoT + Energy Industry + Wireless IoT Technologies

  • Secure machine communication with OPC UA
  • Smart grids and industry 4.0
  • 5G, sensors and NB-IoT for condition monitoring
  • Production control and digital twins
  • IIoT gateways for machine and data collection
  • Smart authentication in smart factories
  • 5G campus networks and augmented reality
Automotive, Industrial IoT and Wireless IoT Technologies

The topics for September 2024 –
Automotive + Industrial Production + Wireless IoT Technologies

  • Embedded RFID for tire lifecycle management and tracking
  • Smart automation and data-driven battery production
  • HF & UHF RFID for battery tracking
  • Optimizing logistics and production flow with RFID
  • Secure authentication and identification with RFID
  • Traffic management and industrial vehicle localization with RTLS
  • Printed electronics for battery management solutions
  • Smart vehicle manufacturing with UHF RFID

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