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SICK offers laser, camera and RFID technology for baggage tracking

The baggage connection!

End-to-end baggage tracking describes the huge challenge of baggage handling which airlines, airport operators and groundhandlers have taken on. It must be possible to reliably track checked bags from the beginning to the end of airline travel.

SICK has set the goal of implementing gapless baggage tracking hand-in-hand with customers in line with IATA (International Air Transport Association) Resolution 753.

SICK is offering three technologies for this purpose. These technologies master baggage tracking throughout the entire trip, either as a stand-alone or combined as a hybrid solution:

  • Laser technology
  • Camera technology
  • RFID technology

Just like a relay race, handling flight baggage is a challenging process. The performance of all involved parties counts. The hand-overs are decisive. Only perfect cooperation and maximum coordination result in success.

Only those who do everything right are ahead at the end and the baggage reaches the finish line unscathed.

SICK therefore consults its customers with a focus on closing gaps. Our experts help customers find the right solutions worldwide. For the neuralgic transfer points between the drop-off areas and the baggage handling systems in the airport, for example.

The complex reading intervals from SICK offer the entire range of intelligent sensors for automated reading of bag labels (ATR - automated tag reading).

Expert interview on baggage tracking and IATA Resolution 753

Roland Karch is Strategic Industry Manager of Airports at SICK. This job keeps him up-to-date on the requirements and current trends in the aviation industry. This provides him with important knowledge which helps SICK offer suitable solutions to customers in the industry.

The gapless tracking of baggage is only one issue here - but it is a good example for the performance and versatility of SICK sensor solutions.

Step into the interview on SICK baggage tracking by following the landing page link.

Our products

RFA621-000 UHF RFID antenna
RFH6xx HF RFID read/write device
RFU61x UHF RFID read/write device
RFU63x UHF RFID read/write device
RFU62x UHF RFID read/write device
RFU65x RFID read/write device
Oliver Huther
Oliver Huther
Business Development Manager RFID
Düsseldorf, Germany
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