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SICK presents smart logistics solutions at LogiMAT

Identification, localization and analysis: hardware and software for transport movements

At LogiMAT 2020, SICK (Hall 1, stand F51) is presenting sensors and complete solutions that make the entire logistics chain more transparent. The theme of the company’s presence at LogiMAT is “LOGISTICS GETS SMART. Intelligent sensors for a transparent supply chain.”

The focus is on new hardware and software for identifying and localizing products, goods and stock and for analyzing transport movements.

Many companies need a better overview of the movements of their products and goods: Where is each asset? How many journeys have been made by an empty tugger train? Which processes can still be improved? These are questions that are asked ever more frequently as warehouse flows become more dynamic.

At the last LogiMAT, SICK made the first move toward increasing transparency with its Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Indoor Localization system. This year the company is presenting additional solutions on this basis which will provide even more information about the transport of goods.

Knowing where your assets are

The UWB Indoor Localization system uses UWB tags (senders) and UWB anchors (receivers) that make it possible to control the growing number of goods movements within companies. Logistics assets, such as pallets, reusable containers, vehicles and materials, can be constantly tracked using the UWB technology and their space-time coordinates can be continuously recorded and stored.

Increasing value added with Asset Analytics

Asset Analytics – a customizable platform that visualizes and analyzes the position and status data recorded with UWB or GPS (for outdoor applications) – makes connections between different events and gives unfiltered insights into the real processes in a production plant, logistics hub or goods transport system.

In addition, if other SICK sensors are incorporated, the Asset Analytics software can use a fusion layer to link sensor data with position data, record camera images and generate automated events. The software can easily be connected to an ERP/MES system, which means that the identification and localization data can be analyzed to give complete transparency on the shop floor.

Data fusion for a reliable AGC localization solution

With its own hardware and software solution for LiDAR localization, SICK has brought the use of automated guided carts (AGCs) in an industrial environment one step closer. At LogiMAT 2020, the company is presenting LiDAR-LOC, a contour localization system for automated guided vehicle systems and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The modular localization solution can be customized for individual applications without the need to change the infrastructure by adding artificial landmarks such as reflectors, codes or tags. The logarithm that the system is based on uses integrated LiDAR and safety LiDAR sensors for localization. This means that no additional sensors need to be installed for localization purposes.

Our products

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Oliver Huther
Oliver Huther
Business Development Manager RFID
Düsseldorf, Germany
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