The new RFU61x read/write device by SICK is the solution for integrating UHF identification solutions in production and logistics environments with minimal use of space. (Picture: SICK)

SICK releases smallest RFID read/write device of its kind

RFU61x UHF read/write device: compact, intelligent, and futureproof

The new RFU61x read/write device by SICK is the answer for integrating UHF identification solutions in production and logistics environments with minimal use of space.

The smallest sensor of its kind on the market requires minimal installation space and, at the same time, offers peak performance in terms of scanning range, ruggedness, and connectivity. The RFU61x is also programmable and can be easily adapted to individual application requirements within the SICK AppSpace eco-system.

At just 80 x 92 x 38 mm (L x B x H), the RFU61x is more compact than any other read/write device of its kind.

It fits into the narrowest of installation spaces, while typically offering impressive scanning ranges of 500 mm. Its IP67 aluminum housing, high shock and vibration resistance, and operating temperature ranges of -25 °C to +50 °C represent a rugged design that guarantees reliability and high availability in operation, even under tough application conditions.

In terms of connectivity, the RFU61x is ready for both production and logistics settings and has a two cable connection for power and Ethernet to the PLC, as well as a one cable connection with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for integrating IT into logistics environments, all in one device.

The RFU61x permits the direct connection of a trigger sensor, which is used to start read/write processes with transponders. This saves time during installation and commissioning. Trigger operation is available for both connection types (power & Ethernet; PoE).

Flexible, customizable configuration with SICK AppSpace

The RFU61x’s intelligent process logic with comprehensive in-device data preparation and SOPAS ET or integrated web server configuration tool ensures ease of configuration, saving time and reducing commissioning costs.

The read/write device can also be programmed using the SICK AppSpace eco-system. The client´s software developers or system integrators can flexibly and precisely adapt the read/write device to individual tasks or constraints by developing their own sensor apps.

UHF for maximum futureproofing

As the smallest sensor in SICK’s UHF product family, the RFU61x is part of a futureproof identification solution. UHF technology offers a range of procedural advantages. Transponders can also be read or written without direct visual contact.

In addition, several transponders can be identified at the same time (bulk reading). Identification points in the material flow of a production plant or warehouse can therefore be arranged with a high degree of flexibility – especially as SICK’s UHF read/write devices offer fully scalable scanning ranges of up to 10 meters, as well as transponder direction detection as required. This enables continuous identification at component level.

The device also features an integrated transponder.

This facilitates a fully transparent process for supply chains without media disruptions, for instance in automobile production, electronics production, or intralogistics. Global UHF data standards ensure constant identification of objects across fields of application, company boundaries, and continents, as well as in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Applications in production, mounting, and logistics

With the RFU61x, SICK adds to its UHF read/write device portfolio for object identification in production and logistics.

Typical applications and uses for which UHF technology offers consistent, modern process transparency include the identification of components on assembly lines, consignment identification on mobile platforms, the procurement and preparation of material in eKANBAN processes, or the identification of production materials in machines.

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Oliver Huther
Oliver Huther
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