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RFID & Wireless IoT Search Int. Welcomes Smart Technologies ID

OEM Manufacturer Smart Technologies ID with an International Presence on RFID & Wireless IoT Search!

Smart Technologies ID is a manufacturer of OEM RFID products. With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the field, the company supplies customers worldwide with a variety of different RFID modules and readers.

The Germany-based company also offers customized hardware and software solutions and works closely with customers to meet their requirements. This year, Smart Technologies ID is making its debut with an international presence on the RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine.

Highlights: Fully Encapsulated RFID Mounting Readers and RFID Desktop Readers

Cost-effective and compatible with all current standard RFID technologies on the market, Smart Technologies ID offers these RFID readers. The readers can be used as keyboard emulation or as a RS232/RS485 variant. Simply connect them to a PC and get access to the transponder. No additional hardware is required. The readers operate in the frequency ranges 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz.

Customized RFID Solutions

Smart Technologies ID offers the realization of customer projects "all from one hand". This includes hardware and software development as well as production. From PCB design, SMT assembly, prototype production, customer-specific RFID software, material procurement, EMC tests to complete series production.

Smart Technologies ID supports customers every step of the way! This way, customers benefit from extensive technology know-how and reduced development effort and costs.

A Fully Licensed Partner of LEGIC Identsystems

Smart Technologies ID has been a full license partner of the company LEGIC Identsystems for many years. Smart Technologies ID offers a comprehensive portfolio of products with innovative LEGIC solutions for a wide range of applications, including access control and e-mobility solutions. Through in-house software development and hardware manufacturing, the company is able to offer cost-effective LEGIC solutions to customers worldwide.  

Available LEGIC modules and readers include the LEGIC_FLEX, LEGIC_App, LEGIC built-in PCBs, LEGIC desktop readers with USB, TTL or RS232 interface as well as the fully encapsulated mounting readers LEGIC_MCR and LEGIC_Mini with RS485, RS232, TTL, Wiegand/clock/data and USB interfaces.

Based on the new LEGIC 6300 series including BLE, a new generation of modules, PCBs, desktop readers, USB sticks and mounting readers is currently being developed to provide customers with the latest technology. 

Andreas Weißgärber
Kevelaer, Germany
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