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Pure Hydration Selects Smart Cosmos to Digitize their Products

Smart Cosmos Selected to Digitize Products and Make an Impact on the Environment!

Smartrac Technology Group today announced that Pure Hydration, a manufacturer of next generation reusable water bottles, has selected the company’s Smart Cosmos® solutions suite to digitize their products and engage with their consumers through their products.

Pure Hydration’s innovative solutions provide safe drinking water to people worldwide, while making a contribution to reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic water-bottles in the workplace.

Pure Hydration will use Smart Cosmos to digitize their products and create a unique digital identity for every instance of their products on the cloud. Smart Cosmos Experiences will be used to build engagement with consumers by providing personalized, contextual, and dynamic content with a simple tap of a smartphone on the Pure Hydration ICE° Bottle, a superior quality reusable water bottle made of stainless steel. 

“We are growing communities around people that care about sustainability and the protection of our planet by eliminating the use of single-use plastic water bottles, while providing them safe drinking water,” said Jon Grant, Founder & CEO of Pure Hydration.

“Smart Cosmos helps us bring together this community of users through interactions with our innovative water bottles, recording their contributions to sustainability, while accessing valuable content as quickly as a tap with their mobile phone”, Jon Grant added. 

Pure Hydration has partnered with many world-wide organizations including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to leverage existing communities of users to accelerate the impact that their solution has on the environment.

“We chose to work with the ICE° Bottle because of their fantastic product design, quality and manufacturing/supply chain knowledge, allowing us to create a product that takes the lead in a genuinely sustainable way to encourage reduction and reuse whilst protecting the environment every time it’s used,” said Kim Collin, Head of Retail & Licensing at WWF.

“Our Smart Cosmos Solutions Division team is thrilled to partner with Pure Hydration to digitize their products and making lasting connections with their consumers through smooth and easy product interactions,” said Dinesh Dhamija, President Solutions Division at Smartrac. “What makes this also truly exciting is that through Pure Hydration, we are able to continue to participate in our contribution to the sustainability of our planet.”

About Pure Hydration

Pure Hydration provides the world with personal water filtration, emergency water filtration, and in-home water filtration, instantly, on-demand. Headquartered in Farnham, United Kingdom and U.S. H.Q. San Antonio, TX. Pure Hydration was formed in 2008, with origins and early development of innovative solutions for safe drinking water delivery stretching back to 1994, when founder Jon Grant recognized the need to reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic water bottles in the workplace.

The ICE° Bottle has been engineered from the base up to ensure superior strength and durability. Premium 18/8 (304 grade) stainless steel is used to form the ICE° Bottle. Taken together with state-of-the-art fabrication processes ensuring vacuum and structural integrity, the ICE° Bottle can keep liquids colder or hotter for far longer than many conventional products, and, corrosion resistant, it won’t taint the taste of your beverage.

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