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SML announces RFID FactoryCare™

FactoryCare™ offering to manage RFID-tagged products from source to store

SML RFID, the leading full-service RFID provider, has announced the launch of its RFID FactoryCare™ offering which will enable manufacturers of fashion retailers to manage RFID tagged products and reduce friction within their supply chain.

The full suite of RFID solutions will allow retailers to increase item-level visibility throughout the supply chain and give manufacturers more confidence in errorless product delivery.

In today’s competitive retail landscape, more and more retailers are implementing the latest technologies and pushing the technology all the way down to manufacturers to provide a competitive edge over others. As a result, retailers are using RFID technology in their factories and warehouses to provide critical insights into their inventory. However, human error and mishandling in factories before products are shipped to stores and distribution centres are often ignored, resulting in costs, such as delays in product availability and lost sales opportunities both in-store and online.

SML RFID FactoryCare™, serviced through SML’s certified RFID Inspire™ tags and a global network of encoding solutions to enterprise-class RFID Clarity® software will enable manufacturers to read tags, carry out a specific item search and find, validate tags and products.

It will also perform box unpacking and audits, which will significantly increase sort/pick rate, reduce human errors and enhance overall operations efficiency. As a result, the offering will give manufacturers more confidence in delivering products on promise and providing better customer services to retailers.

The latest solution will also provide an additional layer of protection to retailers by preventing inventory errors at the source, where the RFID tags are attached to products. The solution will enable retailers the ability to track the full inventory history from source-to-shelf.

“SML RFID FactoryCare™ solutions have been developed to optimise retail operations, maximise retailers inventory visibility throughout the entire supply chain and reduce possible errors at source where products are tagged.” comments Lesley Suen, Senior Vice President of RFID Technology. “Retailers are innovating faster than ever before, as trusted partners of retailers, SML RFID FactoryCare™ will deliver a flexibly priced business model, which will further drive this innovation.”

For pricing details, please contact a local SML sales representative. To find out more information on SML RFID FactoryCare™, please visit www.sml-rfid.com or contact SML RFID.



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Dean Frew
Dean Frew
Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of RFID Solutions
Plano, United States
Lesley Suen
Lesley Suen
Senior Vice President of RFID Technology and Corporate Marketing
Shenzhen, China
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