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SML Named in the EECC’s UHF Transponder Benchmark Report

The objective of both SML and EECC is for the report to align the needs of retailers and educate readers on the RFID market.(Picture: EECC/SML)

SML Named in EECC’s UHF Transponder Benchmark Report

SML's GB3U8 UHF RFID inlay is featured

SML RFID, the leading full-service RFID solution provider has been named in European EPC Competence Center’s (EECC) latest annual report – UHF RFID Transponder Benchmark (UTPS) – for its GB3U8; a small-form, high-performance inlay aimed at omnichannel retailers. The inlay has been featured in the report which includes an extensive list of RFID inlays and worldwide standard in the measurement of RFID transponders.

Commenting on the inclusion, Dean Frew SML’s CTO and Senior VP of RFID Solutions, says: “We have seen a significant rise in item-level RFID technology adoption within the last year. Many retailers are now reporting returns on investment using this technology. We are delighted to be featured in such a well-known, industry leading report and are safe in the knowledge that this will help to educate people further on RFID technology and its benefits to global retailers.”

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Helping retailers to decide

The EECC’s report aims to help retailers determine which RFID tag they should be using depending on the following aspects: Can it be used globally, what type of materials/products can the tag be used on, how long does it take to encode the tags, is the tag readable, is the reader sensitive enough and how does the tag perform on unknown materials? The report also highlights the costs and specific pain points that each platform tackles.

Designed for omnichannel retailers

SML’s GB3U8 inlay is designed for omnichannel retailers to use in store and across supply chain deployments around the world. It allows retailers to track, manage and gather data on a number of market applications. The GB3U8 inlay meets all active ARC categories by Auburn University: Spec A, B, C, D, M, F, G, I, K, N and Spec Q, also fully compliant with GS1 EPC Global Class 1 Gen2 standards. The ARC Standards are a set of industry-wide performance requirements implemented to ensure that the RFID technology used meets or exceeds a level of performance that benefits both retailers and retail suppliers in a cost-effective manner.

Align the needs of retailers

The objective of both SML and EECC is for the report to align the needs of retailers and educate readers on the RFID market, how it can benefit a variety of different industries and the best uses and applications of transponders for each specific industry.

UHF RFID transponders can be used in almost every industry and with almost every object. Objects are now no longer just identifiable and dynamical status measurable. Simple systems, can be implemented to interpret the collected information and control their distribution through authorization and authentication features.

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Mauricio V. León Technical Manager of EECC says: “Our annual report aims to guide users in every industry to select the best performing inlay/chip to satisfy their target application. It’s great to have SML’s GB3U8 Inlay included in this year’s report and for the first time.”

Dean Frew
Dean Frew
Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of RFID Solutions
Plano, United States
Lesley Suen
Lesley Suen
Senior Vice President of RFID Technology and Corporate Marketing
Shenzhen, China
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