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Contactless Payment reduces infection risk

Inventory Management Options for Retailers and Brand Owners

Smart Spare Parts Management Declares War on Fakes

RFID in components made of Dätwyler elastomers

Helping Hamburg to Pioneer Urban Drone Traffic

Home Office: A Ray of Hope During Covid-19 Crisis

Issue 02/2020 of RFID & Wireless IoT Global released

Interview with Bernd Wieseler about the importance of HF-RFID

Secure Payment by Distance via BLE

More than 42 million OPC UA applications worldwide

Video inside: Smart Manufacturing Rocks Your Efficiency

Measurement Methods Based on International Standards Rock

Guidelines on How to Disinfect Enterprise Devices

Safe Supply Chain in Hospitals Using RFID

K-RTLS localisation system in use at automobile manufacturer

SML announces RFID FactoryCare™

Kessaris tracks and locates jewelry and watches with RFID

NXP 5G Tech Connects Super Bowl

Zebra's EMA50: AI & Robot Technology for the Retail Industry

America Today: RFID rollout to 70 stores in one month

Levi's Tagged Over 50 Million Articles with RFID

Paraguay introduces MERCOSUR license plate

Less bureaucracy, more security: vehicles equipped with RFID

The Return of the Really Smart Card

Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer

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