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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022
Tracking of Over 140,000 Hospital Assets
  • Tracking of Over 140,000 Hospital Assets
  • Tracking of Over 140,000 Hospital Assets
  • Tracking of Over 140,000 Hospital Assets
  • Tracking of Over 140,000 Hospital Assets
Tracking Hospital Assets

Tracking of Over 140,000 Hospital Assets

At the Ankara City Hospital, 143,000 assets are tracked with RFID tags.

The hospital adopted Asset Inventory Management & Asset Safety products to maximize asset efficiency and to prevent asset loss, resulting in reduced costs and improved patient care. The hospital receives accurate and up-to-date asset inventory levels, can identify which assets are lost or misplaced, and ensure all assets stay in the hospital at all times.

The Ankara City Hospital, which opened in 2019, is the third largest hospital in the world with a capacity of 3,704 beds. 131 operating rooms are in use simultaneously. The intensive care unit comprises 696 beds.

Process Requirements

The product implementation took place during the construction phase of the hospital. Labor intensive asset operations should be streamlined from the beginning. The main goal is to increase operating room utilization and asset efficiency.

Hospital architecture was analyzed, and hardware installation locations were determined to provide maximum coverage with minimum hardware products. Hospital assets (infusion pumps, wheelchairs, beds, pyrometers, etc.) were analyzed to determine what type of tag should be used and which part of the assets the tag should be placed on.


  • Shorten asset count time
  • Receive up-to-date and accurate asset inventory list
  • Prevent asset theft and loss

Solution of the Ankara City Hospital

Asset Inventory Management and Asset Safety

All non-mobile assets are tagged with UHF RFID passive asset tags for asset counting without requiring a direct line of sight. All critical assets that are mobile and valuable are tagged with active LF RFID asset tags to track the assets with real-time locations across the hospital. RFID locators are placed on the hospitals' various services and exit doors so that asset movements across could be detected instantly.

The locator sends the encrypted location information from the respective IoT sensor to an RFID reader. The locator prevents unauthorized access to the information which is relayed to the centrally managed middleware software.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Borda Technology – Borda Active LF Asset Tag AA2100
  • Borda Technology – Borda Active LF Locator LT9600
  • Borda Technology – Borda Active RFID Reader RD8220
  • Borda Technology – Borda Lighthouse Desktop Application
  • Borda Technology – Borda Lighthouse Mobile
  • Borda Technology – Borda Handheld


  • Increase in efficiency: Management of more than 140,000 assets
  • Asset counting is 6 times faster
  • 94% reduction in time loss for searching for mobile assets
  • Prevention of theft and loss of assets
  • Increase in asset availability for optimal patient care
  • Decrease over-purchases and rentals

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