NFC+RFID System design + testing
CISC Semiconductor

NFC+RFID System design + testing

NFC interoperability testlab, equipped with 50+ POS, 30+ mobiles and 100+ cards

CISC provides design services for RFID, NFC and embedded systems, offering feasibility studies, prototype design, testing, development of OEM modules and full production including global certification to support CISC customers to be ahead in design and ahead in market introduction.

CISC design services cover feasibility studies, engineering services, as well as simulations and PCB layouts with BOMs for HF RFID, NFC and related technologies.

CISC is a well-established, globally recognized test lab for NFC with a particular focus on NFC interoperability helping chip vendors, card vendors and mobile phone vendors to tune their products for best customer satisfaction and highest market acceptance.

DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl

DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
CTO and Business Manager RFID+NFC
Klagenfurt, Austria



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Key Facts

  • Global leading NFC interoperability test lab
  • Supporting 50+ POS terminals, 30+ mobiles and 100+ cards
  • RFID+NFC design services
  • Prototype design
  • OEM modules
  • Global certification
  • Production introduction


  • Product design
  • System design and verification
  • Interoperability testing
  • Product verification before market introduction
  • Performance tests and evaluation
  • Embedded System Design and OEM Modules

CISC is an international oriented and highly awarded company that provides competitive and innovative products and technology for design and verification of heterogeneous networked embedded microelectronic systems.

  • Global leader in providing RFID and NFC test solutions
  • Solutions for all passive UHF RFID standards including RAIN RFID, GS1 EPCglobal, ISO/IEC 18000-63 Type C UHF RFID Air interface, and ISO/IEC 29167 Crypto Suites
  • Our NFC test devices meet the requirement of EMVco, NFC-Forum, ISO/IEC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment schemes
  • Experience in the semiconductor, automotive, wireless communication, and RFID industry

RFID Xplorer used as test equipment for EECC annual report

EECC partnered with CISC European EPC Competence Center (EECC) has partnered with CISC on its latest annual report, titled 'UHF RFID Transponder Benchmark (UTPS)' that helps retailers to determine which RFID tags they should be using, and highlights the costs and specific pain points each platform tackles. RFID Xplorer was used in the testing process as the 'benchmark' test equipment. Xplorer is a test equipment that measures the performance of RAIN devices and application setups, verify conformance and support the development of tags, readers and ICs. It offers features such as extended read and write memory tests and supports testing for crypto suites fully supporting EPCglobal and ISO/IEC test standards.

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