Parking Management in Vienna with RFID
  • Parking Management in Vienna with RFID
  • Parking Management in Vienna with RFID
  • Parking Management in Vienna with RFID
  • Parking Management in Vienna with RFID
Parking Management

Parking Management in Vienna with RFID

With 1.9 million inhabitants, Vienna is Austria's largest city. This corresponds to one fifth of the total Austrian population. A total of 2.8 million people live in the Vienna metropolitan area.

The city is highly significant beyond Austria's borders: the headquarters of more than thirty international organizations are located in the city. In international rankings on quality of life, the Austrian capital consistently achieves high ratings. Decision-makers in Vienna have decided that the city should become climate-neutral by 2040.

One aspect of the sustainability strategy is the reduction of car traffic and the promotion of public transport. It is estimated that around 200,000 people commute to the capital by car for work reasons. The city therefore needed an intelligent parking system. The objective: to manage and optimally utilize parking facilities for commuters and residents.

(Image Sources: Schreiner Group, City of Vienna, MA46/Christian Fürthner, PID)

Process Requirements

The city of Vienna is divided into 23 districts. A parking permit solution must function across districts. The workload for validity control must not generate a high administrative burden.

Objectives of the City of Vienna:

  • To achieve climate neutrality by 2040
  • To standardize parking rates in all city districts
  • To simplify parking permit control
  • To digitize parking fee billing and management
  • To motivate commuters to use public transport
  • To reduce car traffic in the city
  • To make parking spaces accessible for residents

The Solution of the City of Vienna

The city has introduced the RFID-enabled "Wiener Parkpickerl" (in other words: an exemption permit from the short-stay parking zone) and declared the whole of Vienna a short-stay parking zone. The electronic Parkpickerl can be used by residents for long-term parking in their residential district. These residents are thus exempt from the short-stay parking regulations.

The application and settlement to receive the permit is done digitally and involves less effort and cost than a manual application. The parking permit is issued exclusively to residents of the individual districts. The use of private cars in the city becomes less attractive for non-residents and a reduction in vehicle traffic is achieved.

The RFID-enabled parking sticker, which is based on the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global, can be read from several meters away with an RFID reader and its validity checked. The parking sticker can remain on the inside of the windshield for the entire life of a vehicle, as it can continue to be used even after the vehicle owner changes or moves to another district.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Schreiner Group - ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global


  • Parking tariffs are standardized in all districts of Vienna
  • Control of parking permits in the city area are simplified
  • Billing and management of parking fees are digitized
  • Car traffic is reduced in the city
  • Parking spaces are made accessible to residents

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