Smart City Project in Dortmund for Dialogue with Residents
  • Smart City Project in Dortmund for Dialogue with Residents
  • Smart City Project in Dortmund for Dialogue with Residents
Public Participation

Smart City Project in Dortmund for Dialogue with Residents

In direct dialogue, citizens of the city of Dortmund should be (inter)actively involved in urban development and decision-making processes.

The "Allianz Smart City Dortmund - Wir.Machen.Zukunft" has defined six focal points in participatory discussion and coordination processes in which pilot projects are to be developed and implemented.

With almost 590,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is the ninth largest city in Germany and the largest city in the Ruhr area in terms of area and population. With the gradual decline in coal mining since the middle of the 20th century, a structural change took place in Dortmund. Today Dortmund is one of the central logistics locations in Germany with more than 900 companies.

Process Requirements

The north of the city is particularly affected by structural change. In the Smart City Innovation Project "Nordwärts" (Northwards), the former coal mine areas on the almost 13,000 hectare test site are being used for smart, future-oriented development concepts. The local residents are the focus of all activities.

Individual projects of the Smart City Initiative are to be implemented in the areas of energy, mobility and logistics, people and demographic change, IT platforms and citizen services, urban infrastructure, airport, port and security.


  • Networking urban and municipal infrastructures
  • Actively involving citizens in development and decision-making processes
  • Using the pronounced structural change to shape the city in a future-oriented manner


The "Smart Service Power" project focuses on age-appropriate, technology-based serviced living in the neighborhood. "Care 4.0" is to be implemented with intelligent digitalization and linking of various data sources. This care concept focuses on people - especially the needs of residents and nursing staff. Functions from the areas of e-health, smart home, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), emergency call systems as well as care and concierge services will be integrated into the serviced living concepts.

Automatic, smart services such as service or emergency call solutions are developed from the networked data. The applications to be developed will allow people to live autonomously in their familiar environment for longer periods of time.

IT platforms and cross-regional company networks are part of the alliance's work.

  • is a free, local and private neighborhood platform to jointly create a lively, sustainable and safe neighborhood.
  • The #stadtsache app is aimed specifically at children and young people, to familiarize them with their city through photos, sound recordings and videos.
  • ruhr:HUB - a joint initiative of the Ruhr Area cities Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Mülheim an der Ruhr - wants to digitally network and actively support companies and start-ups.

Around 120 project ideas are currently registered and some are already being implemented, with an upward trend.


  • Active and direct dialogue between the residents and the city
  • Care 4.0 concepts are feasible
  • Maintaining and expanding neighborhood contacts
  • Start-ups in the Ruhr Area are specifically promoted and networked

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