7,000 Handhelds for Inventory and Customer Service
  • 7,000 Handhelds for Inventory and Customer Service
  • 7,000 Handhelds for Inventory and Customer Service
Customer Service

7,000 Handhelds for Inventory and Customer Service

In department and hardware stores of the Globus Group, touch computers are used as mobile information interfaces.

To improve customer service, employees can use the handhelds to determine stocks, forward questions or check competitor discount campaigns.

In addition to 47 hypermarkets, 91 hardware stores and six consumer electronics stores in Germany, the Globus Group also owns 27 full-range stores in the Czech Republic and Russia as well as two hardware stores in Luxembourg.

Process Requirements

Customers expect prompt answers to questions about products and services. Store employees must search for information or call colleagues at stationary terminals. The generation of information was time-consuming and caused longer waiting times for customers.

Questions that a solution should answer regardless of location in the store:

  • Is a particular product still in stock in another color?
  • Do competitors offer the same product at a different price?
  • Which advertising or discount campaigns are currently active?
  • Does one product complement another?


Around 7,000 handhelds were put into operation in all German Globus specialist stores. Inquiries and information can be requested or provided directly on-site

An integrated imager captures 1D and 2D bar codes for inventory verification. The integrated camera allows you to capture photos, signatures, or video. An identity check, for example for user login to the device, is performed via NFC. E-mails are retrieved via Internet access and competitive prices are compared.

The support of Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Express and Pro enables communication comparable to a telephone (Voice over IP).

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Zebra Technologies – Mobile Touch-Computer TC70


  • Customer inquiries are answered individually and directly
  • Information is available regardless of location
  • Reduction of travel and waiting times
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and sales successes

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