Labels Applied to Cartons Via TampBlow Process
  • Labels Applied to Cartons Via TampBlow Process
  • Labels Applied to Cartons Via TampBlow Process
Logistics Processes

Labels Applied to Cartons Via TampBlow Process

Shoe retailer Ludwig Görtz opts for fully automated logistics to ship over 6 million pairs of shoes per year to stores and customers.

In the warehouse at the Norderstedt site (Germany), label printing dispensers are used for labeling in the warehouse and for shipment.

Founded in Hamburg in 1875, the shoe store currently has 180 branches in over 90 cities in the German and Austrian retail market as well as an online shop.

Process Requirements

The Görtz warehouse in the north of Hamburg has an inventory of 400,000 pairs of shoes and supplies almost 100 cities in Germany and Austria. The inventory management is automated. Each Görtz store must be supplied with a specific stock of merchandise.

The shoe store ships over six million pairs of shoes per year from the warehouse to the stores or directly to the end customer. If the Görtz employees in the central warehouse were to commission merchandise 24/7, more than 10 pairs of shoes would have to be dispatched per minute.


  • Reduction of throughput times from incoming goods to outgoing goods
  • Labeling solution for the detection of cartons
  • Labeling solution for the creation and application of shipping labels


Shoe manufacturers receive an individual template from Görtz for a logistics label, which is used to label the shipping carton. As soon as a carton arrives at the Görtz logistics center, the label is scanned. The EDP system determines whether the articles are to be stored, repackaged or forwarded.

The information from the ERP system is transferred in encrypted form to barcodes using a label printer.

The labeled cartons are scanned at several positions and automatically guided through the warehouse. Packaging units that can be forwarded immediately reach the outgoing goods department within a few minutes. At the outgoing goods department, a second label printer dispenses the shipping label printed according to the ERP data.

At Görtz, two label print dispensers apply a barcode and a shipping label on one side. The print dispensers are mounted in a horizontal position to label cartons on the side. The applicator - the actual dispensing unit - has an extension stroke of 250 millimeters. The labels are applied to the cartons using the TampBlow process without contact.


  • Processing times of 5 minutes
  • Print dispensers mark cartons of different sizes at high conveyor speeds

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