Load Carrier Pool for Trade with RFID-tagged Pallets
  • Load Carrier Pool for Trade with RFID-tagged Pallets
  • Load Carrier Pool for Trade with RFID-tagged Pallets
  • Load Carrier Pool for Trade with RFID-tagged Pallets
  • Load Carrier Pool for Trade with RFID-tagged Pallets
Logistics Processes

Load Carrier Pool for Trade with RFID-tagged Pallets

Greencycle controls a sustainable, safe and stable load carrier pool for the trade with RFID-tagged half pallets and in future with plastic Euro pallets.

With 2.2 million pallets and 14 million rotations per year, the Heilbronn Half Pallet (HHP), introduced in 2016, is well represented throughout Europe. Similar to the HHP, Greencycle is currently developing a plastic Euro pallet.

Greencycle, founded in 2009, is part of the Schwarz Group to which the retailers Kaufland and Lidl belong. Today, the company is active in three business areas: recycling management, energy and environmental innovations, and logistics solutions.

Process Requirements

Manual inventories are time-consuming and prone to errors. The status of a pallet can be recorded in the pallet pool using RFID technology by tracking the lifecycle of each pallet. Logistics processes and the control of the pallet pool can be optimized on the basis of RFID technology.


  • Transparency within the pallet pool
  • Cost savings
  • Localization of the pallets
  • Sustainable alternative to wooden pallets


The RFID transponders integrated in each pallet guarantee the localization and tracking of the load carrier. In addition to developing the pallets, Greencycle also operates the HHP pallet pool. The pallets are rented and the pool of pallets is managed by Greencycle.

The system is complemented by gate solutions that enable the automated identification of pallets on the truck loading area. For this purpose, the truck drives through the gate with a plastic tarpaulin at walking speed. Up to 990 pallets can be detected during the passage.

The use of plastic pallets reduces downtimes at the customer's site. These arise, for example, if a pallet breaks or tips over on the conveyor system. Loss of goods and time are the result. Plastic offers a durable and hygienic solution, as the material has a high breaking strength and is easy to clean.


  • Increased transparency
  • Cost savings
  • Localization of the palette pool in real time
  • Efficient cycle of pallet distribution
  • Downtimes reduced
  • Plastic pallet: recyclable, durable, high breaking strength
  • CO2 reduction

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