RFID-based Document Management
  • RFID-based Document Management
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RFID-based Document Management

Four million health records are managed with RFID by Kathrein

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust provides health services to 340,000 citizens. It stores, retrieves and manages almost 4,000,000 health records across six record libraries and with external storage providers.

To become paper-lite by 2020, the Trust had to replace manual barcode entry with automated RFID-based document management.

Therefore, it turned to Kathrein ARU 3500 IoT gateways and the Kathrein CrossTalk IoT suite.

Thomas Brunner

Thomas Brunner
Managing Director
Stephanskirchen, Germany



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Key Facts

  • 66,000 manual barcode scans per month replaced by automated RFID-based document management
  • Faster filing and retrieval time
  • Reduction of missing files
  • Improved traceability and audit trails
  • Kathrein ARU 3500 IoT gateways in all libraries, records trolleys, and hospital corridors
  • Kathrein CrossTalk IoT suite connects the Trust’s siloed IoT projects to each other


  • Healthcare
  • Libraries
  • Administration
  • Judiciary

Kathrein Solutions is revolutionising the way of integration of RFID, AutoID, sensors, and RTLS technologies in IoT Solutions, and has become a recognised innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

We are the leading Auto ID Hardware and Software Solution Provider for

  • Industrial Automation
  • Logistics Solutions
  • HealthCare
  • ITS/AVI Vehicle Identification Solutions
  • Railway Identification

New ReaderStart Software Available for Firmware V3.02

Kathrein has launched the new RAIN reader firmware with tremendous features. Due to new high-speed profiles, a total number of more than 750 real tag reads per second is possible! In addition, we have increased the reader sensitivity by adding a powerful carrier cancellation which impresses with extremely fast tracking of the carrier data. To use the new feature, please download the reader firmware and the latest ReaderStart software

Kathrein Solutions and Tönnjes E.A.S.T. Conclude Cooperation Agreement

Kathrein is starting a global collaboration in the field of electronic vehicle identification (EVI) with Tönnjes E.A.S.T., the leading German licence plate manufacturer. Both companies have been working together for years in the development of new technologies. In their joint projects, Kathrein contributes its expertise in the field of RFID technology, Tönnjes E.A.S.T. is a specialist for the integration of the required transponders into vehicle licence plates or windscreens.

RTLS for rental devices
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