Self-Service Solutions

Self-Service Solutions

Physical Protection of Assets and Access Control

KEMAS solves the process who is allowed to use what, when and where. It does not matter which objects it are. For each company, an individual customer solution consisting of hardware and software, interfaces and identification is developed.

We use a variety of identification mechanisms, such as Pin, QR code, biometric, badge, chip, tag or label. Our software is the basis for the control and documentation of authorizations as well as for the mapping of processes and is supplemented by the KEMAS hardware.

Jürgen Rabe

Jürgen Rabe
Head of Product Management
Oberlungwitz, Germany



Application Fields

Sales Region

Key Facts

  • RFID-based self-service solutions
  • disposition and handover of work equipment and tools
  • ensuring 24/7 availability
  • release and disposition of keys and access media to staff and external service providers
  • management of workwear by means of UHF RFID technology
  • reduction of quantities and work load
  • electronic logbook


Our products are already used in a wide range of sectors:

  • plant security in supply and disposal companies
  • rescue services at airports
  • facility management in hospitals
  • education and research
  • justice, police and military
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • automotive industry

KEMAS is the German market leader in the field of transfer automation based on RFID technology. The core competencies of KEMAS are process-driven self-service solutions covering all aspects of the transfer of material assets.

  • Market leading provider of complete solutions in the field of automated handover procedures since 1991
  • Safe and process-oriented management of material assets/resources
  • Production and implementation of RFID components to detect objects and persons
Transfer Solutions
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