RFID Solution for Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods
  • RFID Solution for Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods
  • RFID Solution for Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods
  • RFID Solution for Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods
  • RFID Solution for Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods
Anti-theft Protection

RFID Solution for Inventory & Localization of Luxury Goods

Jeweler Kessaris offers around 10,000 different jewelry and luxury items in each of its eight stores - quite a few of them with a selling price of 5,000 euros or more. Articles that are missing or cannot be found directly represent a high financial risk. For Kessaris, the integration of a technological solution was indispensable in order to be able to carry out regular inventories with the highest possible accuracy..

With the integration of RFID at product level, Kessaris' main goal is to improve the security, protection and control of products, employees and customers in the store.

Kessaris was founded in 1965 by Costas Kessaris and sells luxury watches at eight locations in Greece. With its own design and workshop, the company produces individual pieces of jewelry and distributes high-quality stationery, decor and gift items.

Process Requirements

The particular challenge: conventional tagging and article surveillance solutions were ruled out for aesthetic and practical reasons. With a UHF RFID-based solution, Kessaris was able to achieve initial success in the area of watch identification. In subsequent developmental steps, the jeweler will focus on the labeling of jewelry and decorative items.

The documentation of inventory levels and the detailed status quo of the approximately 10,000 individual articles per store were decisive for security. Manual checks were time-consuming and prone to errors. The small size of the inventory such as watches, rings and chains did not allow the use of a standard solution. Another process requirement was that the merchandise identification be as discreet as possible.


  • Localization of the goods
  • Reduce inventory time
  • Discreet product identification


The "JewelTrack" software from Trinity Systems is specially adapted to the requirements of the watch and jewelry sector. The software takes into account that luxury watch manufacturers rely on reference numbers instead of serialization. This enables brand-specific inventory across all branches. Kessaris uses a printer from Zebra Technologies.

After delivery to the central branch, all watches are marked with a small UHF RFID label and initially recorded in JewelTrack. The watches are distributed from the main boutique to the seven other stores. On average, employees take inventory of the watch inventory once a month. Additionally, random partial inventories and situational localizations are carried out to find a specific watch in one of the three areas between the counter, showcases or safe. The procedure for regular physical inventory is brand-specific.

Stocktaking with a UHF RFID handheld delivers results with an average accuracy of 95 to 97 percent. For inventory sampling, the accuracy is 95 to 100 percent. Not every store has its own handheld. If physical inventories are due, the work is carried out by one employee in several stores one after the other.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


  • Scanning eliminates human error
  • Time saving
  • Inventory effort reduced
  • Stock accuracy of 95-97 percent


  • Tagging of articles outside the watch and jewelry sector
  • Theft prevention

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