RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
  • RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
  • RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
  • RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
  • RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
  • RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
  • RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer
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RFID in Special Machine Construction at Kirschenhofer

Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH in Nersingen-Straß is a special machine builder specializing in the development and manufacture of production systems for catalysts.

The now completed manufacturing cell for truck catalytic converters can produce around 60 different types for customers.

In order to ensure that each catalytic converter meets the stringent quality standards and the traceability of each individual catalytic converter. Profinet I/O modules and the RFID system for the ultramodern production plant come from Turck.

Status Quo

For Kirschenhofer, flexibility and traceability are two of the most important factors in modern automation technology. Up to 60 different types of catalytic converters can be produced in a mounting plant for this major truck manufacturer. 20 different tools are used for this in the production cell.

There are two different processes used for mounting catalytic converters: Hard stuffing and soft stuffing. With hard stuffing, a monoblock with a fiber mat is inserted under pressure into a pipe that is enlarged beforehand to the required dimension. With soft stuffing, the monoblock with a fiber mat is loosely inserted into an outer casing and then compressed (or shrunk) to the required dimension.

The batch of pipes, fiber mats and mono blocks that were fitted in each catalytic converter must also still be traceable after ten years. This enables any costs or image damage to be kept to a minimum in the event of any recall action.

The empty and full pipes are transported between the two processing stations in the plant by means of robot grippers. The pneumatic gripper has to apply a different pressure depending on whether the pipe is empty or full.


Tool identification process was implemented by Turck's RFID-System BL ident. The tools are fitted with TW-R30-M-K2 tags for this, which are embedded in the metal. Turck's HF read/write heads TN-Q14 are fitted at the tool holders.

The Q14 is only 14 millimeters high and still offers a maximum read-write distance of up to 72 millimeters. Although the range is shorter in the metal environment, it is still enough to protect the read/write head from colliding with the tool.

The corresponding analog values are communicated to the pneumatic valve via Turck's Profinet block I/O TBEN-S2-4AO. The IP67 module is fitted directly on the robot arm and passes on the values from the controller to the valve. A TBEN-S2-4AI module with analog inputs returns the analog values of the pneumatic valve to the controller.

Technology Partner

  • Turck – RFID- and Profinet-Hardware

Hardware & Software


  • One Profinet cable and one power supply instead of complex cabling
  • Optional wear detection on customer request
  • Avoidance of enormous damages and high production losses in the cat production.
  • Reduction of costs and image damage through possible recalls to a minimum.


  • Looking forward to the TBEN-S2-RFID modules recently launched. You can connect up to 32 addressable read/write heads in so-called bus mode in a linear topology. This reduces the wiring effort from the read/write heads to the RFID interface. Further-more, fewer interfaces are required, which in turn saves costs and space.

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