Counterfeit Protection with NFC
  • Counterfeit Protection with NFC
  • Counterfeit Protection with NFC
  • Counterfeit Protection with NFC
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Counterfeit Protection with NFC

The Tasmania-based Old Kempton Distillery uses NFC tags and a cloud product authentication service.

Whisky buyers can check the authenticity of the liquor via smartphone tap.

The Old Kempton Distillery is located in Kempton, Tasmania. The distilled whiskies are 100% produced exclusively on-site, based on specially cultivated grain.

Process Requirements

Counterfeit products can cause loss of sales, poor customer experience and a damaged reputation. In addition, counterfeit liquor may contain toxic and harmful ingredients.


  • Binding method to prove 100% origin and originality
  • Customer confidence
  • Personalized customer communication
  • Support for appellation registration (protected geographical indication)


Each bottle of whisky is marked with an NFC tag. Tapping the transponder generates a unique URL which, when connected to the Internet via a Cloud Product Authentication Service, confirms the authenticity of the product.

The verification of a manipulated NFC tag is not possible. Matching an incorrect tag with the Cloud service generates an error message indicating that the product is a fake.

The verification of the appellation is seamlessly enabled.

An app is used to open a personalized communication channel to whisky buyers, for example to inform them about new products or individualized offers.

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  • Reduction of counterfeiting and curbing of grey market activities
  • Secure and traceable customer communication
  • Seamless appellation
  • Securing brand value

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