RFID Generates Visualization and Sales Promotion
  • RFID Generates Visualization and Sales Promotion
  • RFID Generates Visualization and Sales Promotion
  • RFID Generates Visualization and Sales Promotion
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RFID Generates Visualization and Sales Promotion

The flooring manufacturer Parador uses an interactive table to promote flooring in the showroom.

RFID tagged floor panels are detected by RFID antennas integrated in the table. Subsequently, customers can virtually lay the floors and tiles on a screen and get an impression of the floor's appearance.

The company Parador has been developing and manufacturing products for floor, wall, and ceiling design for over 40 years. All products are manufactured at the German headquarters in Coesfeld and the Austrian production site in Güssing.

Process Requirements

The selection of flooring is usually made in consultations with professional sales personnel. In order to support customers in the selection process, a solution was sought for how customers can also virtually capture the spatial effect of the flooring.


  • Virtual view of the selected flooring in an individual room situation
  • Intuitive use for customers without previous knowledge
  • Linking haptic with visual impressions and additional product information


Parador opted for an interactive table with integrated RFID technology. Customers place selected floor patterns, which are labeled with UHF RFID labels, on a predefined table surface. The UHF RFID stick reader, integrated on the inside of the table, records the ID of the pattern and sends this information in real-time to a tablet installed on the table.

An app on the tablet displays the selected floor in room situations defined by the customer.

Customers can select up to two favorite floor patterns and seamlessly compare or combine them in the app in the selected room situations.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


  • Decision support
  • Retrieval of additional information
  • Automatic recording of product ID

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