Access Control with RFID Smart Cards
  • Access Control with RFID Smart Cards
  • Access Control with RFID Smart Cards
Access Control

Access Control with RFID Smart Cards

The Bremen Police utilizes an RFID access control system in over 40 police stations in the Hanseatic City of Bremen. The system is used to manage both the access to secure areas in the police stations as well as the access to IT systems.

The fulfillment of police duties and the access control systems requires police officers and civil servants to use an RFID service card. This card verifies the staff identity and their area of responsibility. The card is used to gain access to police IT systems as well as security areas in police stations.

The Bremen Police guarantees the safety of 660,000 people living in the Hanseatic City of Bremen. Police responsibilities include danger aversion, providing help, prosecuting administrative offenses, regulating traffic, providing official and law enforcement assistance, providing information to citizens and handling internal police requests. These tasks are carried out by 2,300 police officers in the federal state.

(Image Source: Bremen Police, LEGIC)

Process Requirements

The Bremen police requires ID cards that contain an IC with security certification and provide multiple digital access functionalities.

The design must have a high recognition value in order for citizens to easily identify police officers and their areas of responsibility. In addition, counterfeiting protection is required for the ID cards.

The Bremen Police aims to manage ID cards and RFID reader infrastructure, without being dependent on third parties.

Aims of the Bremen Police

  • Digitization of access control
  • Guaranteeing counterfeit protection of civil servant ID cards
  • Simplification of civil servant identification for citizens
  • Increased safety in police stations
  • Control of digital ID card applications and reader infrastructure

The Solution of the Bremen Police

The Bremen Police uses RFID-enabled smart cards for access control in police stations as well as for identification towards the public.

In police stations, RFID readers are mounted at access points to secure areas and at computer terminals. Officers and civil servants gain access to the IT systems and secure areas by tapping the RFID-enabled smart card against the RFID reader. The information on the RFID chip is read, the officer authenticated and access is granted. Unauthorized persons are denied access.

Depending on the area of responsibility, civil servants use different colored smart cards. These increase the recognition value and simplify identification towards the public.

The smart cards are certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The system management as well as smart card distribution are controlled by the Bremen Police. There are plans to add more functionalities to the civil servant ID cards in the future.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • LEGIC Identsystems – LEGIC advant AFS4096 Applet Transponder
  • LEGIC Identsystems – 4000 Series Security Module
  • exceed Card Group AG - RFID Transponder


  • Combination of identification and access control functions on a single ID card
  • 100% control of reader and access control infrastructure at the Bremen Police
  • Simplification of identification of civil servants towards the public
  • Expandable smart card functions

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