Fertilizer Output Precisely Calculated with RFID System
  • Fertilizer Output Precisely Calculated with RFID System
  • Fertilizer Output Precisely Calculated with RFID System
  • Fertilizer Output Precisely Calculated with RFID System
  • Fertilizer Output Precisely Calculated with RFID System
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Fertilizer Output Precisely Calculated with RFID System

The control of correct fertilizer application in agriculture required Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik to equip agricultural machinery with digital, contact-free and all-weather systems.

The soil conditions and the correct throwing discs play a major role in the distribution of spreading material in order to avoid incorrect dosage and spreading errors. The objective is to determine the optimum dosage at the right time and in the right quantity.

Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and machinery, based in Sinzheim, Baden (Germany). The company's range of products includes fertilizer dispensers as well as associated throwing and spreading discs. These are available in different sizes and throwing ranges, depending on the application and spreading material.

Process Requirements

For reasons of efficiency and cost, surplus and shortage situations should be avoided. To achieve this, the fertilizer output at the right time must be calculated precisely to the square meter. This calculation is based on the demand curve of the respective crop. For example, nitrogen, in contrast to phosphorus and potash, must be applied in line with requirements and on time; fertilizers containing nitrate act more quickly than pure ammonium fertilizers. Furthermore, the system must be waterproof and dustproof in environments polluted by dirt, and easy to install.


  • Exclude incorrect or false doses
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Avoid surplus and shortage situations


A high-frequency data carrier is attached to the gearbox of the fertilizer spreader under the disc and reader unit. The disc type, size and date of manufacture are stored on the data carrier. When the driver sets up the planned spreading operation via the display, the data carrier passes the reader at a distance of 80 mm during the first disc rotation. Within 20 milliseconds the reading head records the data and forwards them to the computer.

Rauch's DISCAN system automatically compares the discus with the spreading chart stored in the CCI-100 ISOBUS universal terminal. The system only approves the spreading operation when the disc spreader suitable for the job and the spreading material is fitted. If the spreading material to be spread or the working width does not match the application window of the throwing disc, a corresponding warning message appears on the operating terminal. The same happens if the left throwing disc is mixed up with the right throwing disc.

The DISCAN system prevents a driver from realizing too late or possibly not at all, that he is distributing expensive fertilizer with the wrong disc. This eliminates costly spreading errors or incorrect dosage with the EMC automatic dosage system, which is dependent on the discs.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • RFID System BIS M


  • Avoid costly spreading errors and incorrect dosage
  • Customized solutions possible
  • Time and cost savings


  • Active environment monitoring of the fertilizer distributor

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