NFC in Cognac Seal for Personalized Services
  • NFC in Cognac Seal for Personalized Services
  • NFC in Cognac Seal for Personalized Services
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NFC in Cognac Seal for Personalized Services

An NFC chip integrated in the decanter closure gives buyers of the Louis XIII Cognac an individual access to services related to the spirit.

The NFC technology used has cryptographically secured access authorizations and protects the high-priced spirits from manipulation and forgery attempts.

With brands such as Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Mount Gay and Metaxa, the French company Rémy Cointreau is one of the world's leading spirits producers in terms of sales. In the 2018/19 fiscal year, Rémy Cointreau had a worldwide turnover of around 1.2 billion euros.

Process Requirements

The challenge for brand owners such as Rémy Cointreau is to win new customers and retain consumers for the long term. With a technological solution, customer loyalty should be increased and a connection between offline and online shopping should be established by implementing special services. At the same time, manufacturers receive detailed information on customer interaction and product usage. The possibility of secure authentication is intended as an additional element to increase customer trust.


  • Networking brands and products interactively with customers
  • Promoting brand and customer loyalty
  • Guaranteed protection against counterfeiting and manipulation


An NFC chip is integrated in each seal of the Louis XIII Cognac decanter. After removing the seal, customers tap their NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and are forwarded to the landing page of the "Louis XIII Society". After creating a member account, the decanter number is automatically registered. Registration opens up the possibility of joining the service portal specially tailored to this product.

The services offered by Rémy Cointreau to registered customers include personal decanter engraving, private tastings, invitations to international connoisseur meetings, pre-release of limited editions of spirits, and personal contact with advisors from the spirits manufacturer.

Parallel to the service offerings, there is the option of authenticating the purchased product via tap. The counterfeit and tamper protection integrated in the NFC IC provides information after the tap as to whether the bottle is an original and whether it has already been opened.

The NFC tag protects data with cryptographically secured access authorizations (AES-128) and the authentication mechanism SUN (Secure Unique NFC). Comprehensive product and content protection as well as secure real-time applications are guaranteed for the end customer.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • NXP Semiconductors – NTAG 424 DNA Tag


  • Products and brands are interactively networked with customers
  • Offer of customer-specific services
  • Integrated manipulation and counterfeit protection for expensive brand products
  • Data on consumer behavior and product use are generated

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