Retailer Puma Opens Interactive Experience Store
  • Retailer Puma Opens Interactive Experience Store
  • Retailer Puma Opens Interactive Experience Store
  • Retailer Puma Opens Interactive Experience Store
  • Retailer Puma Opens Interactive Experience Store
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Retailer Puma Opens Interactive Experience Store

Puma opened an experience store in New York City to test technologies that will help shape the shopping of the future. A new kind of shopping experience is being created on an interactive sales floor.

Promoting the individuality and creativity of consumers, enriching the shopping experience through the use of technology, generating authentic training conditions through sports simulation - these are the new possibilities in the Experience Store.

Puma is an internationally operating sports brand, based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Founded in 1948, Puma offers products in the categories football, basketball, running and training, golf and motor sports.

Process Requirements

After a two-year design phase, Puma opened its flagship store at the beginning of September 2019. 1,700 square meters of interactive retail space on two levels on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The aim is to create a department store of the future and transform the entire retail industry. Consequently, the boundaries of sport, fashion and technology are to be expanded.


  • Individual and innovative customer experience
  • Establishing the department store of the future
  • Integration of technologies in stationary retail


Numerous Smart Mirrors are placed throughout the store. Integrated readers record the RFID tags on products that are viewed in the mirrors. Customers can take full-size selfies and then try on and exchange clothes and shoes virtually.

The store features a multi-sport, multi-sensory skill cube, the first of its kind in the industry. 270-degree LCD displays from floor to ceiling, graphic projections, motion sensors, dynamic lighting and surround sound create a high-tech environment.

The simulation of the Skill Cube starts in the virtual Puma fitting room with soccer pros Antoine Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku. The in-store simulator projects the field of Milan's San Siro Stadium, where customers can test their football boots. Meanwhile, they are trained by the two Puma brand ambassadors using sensor technology. Customers can also use the Formula 1 simulation to virtually race through the streets of New York City.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


  • Individuality and creativity of consumers is encouraged
  • Innovative shopping experience
  • Cooperation with artists and interaction with brand ambassadors
  • Sports simulator generates authentic training conditions

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