RFID Forklift Solution
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RFID Forklift Solution

Forklift is outfitted with antennas below the truck or on the fork

RFID hardware implementation consists of outfitting the forklift with RFID antennas located below the truck and/or on the fork, as well as the RFID reader, and a tablet PC or forklift terminal. The solution combines two functionalities, which can be deployed solo or in tandem: The antennas below the truck register where the vehicle is located and where it is headed, as well as whether it is loading or unloading in the correct location.

The antennas on the fork register which RFID-tagged package is loaded or unloaded, as well as when and where.

Tino Steickert

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Tino Steickert
Managing Director
Friedberg-Dorheim, Germany



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Outfitting of forklift trucks and floor conveyors with RFID hardware for an optimal integration into the workflow of overarching logistics and production monitoring systems. The platform for the solution is provided by our multi-functional RFID Sprinter Component System, a complete product family consisting of modular, scaleable software, certified hardware, and flexible, expandable middleware – which also provides the basis for all your future IoT processes.


  • Deployment in intralogistics
  • Monitoring and localization of object transports
  • Support of warehouse management
  • Suited for all companies using floor conveyors or forklift trucks

With RFID Konsortium, prepare for optimal procurement and logistics systems in retail, industry and service, master cost optimization and unlock new growth potential!

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  • RFID Hardware
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